Monday, February 28, 2011

Camp, Coffee, Hike, Repeat

This past weekend Nathan and I, along with Calvin and Seamus, spent the weekend camping with some friends at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park, located about 90 minutes south of Nacogdoches. It was our first time visiting this particular park and we liked it. Our site was near two trail heads, the water in the distance made for some nice scenery (though the signs warning of alligators kept the dogs on dry land) and the weather was perfect.

Here's the thing about camping: it's kind of boring. Sure, sleeping outside and cooking over a fire is fun, and it's really the only acceptable time to have a beer at ten in the morning, but generally nothing really happens. Some hiking. Lots of coffee. Reading and board games. Sitting by the fire after the sun goes down. That's pretty much it. And, as someone who has a hard time slowing down and living in the moment, it's pretty much awesome. How awesome, you ask? See for yourself.

The dogs were very excited as we loaded up the car and kept trying to run out the front door and onto the front seats. Once we were finally on the road they spent the majority of the drive staring out the windows and panting with excitement.

When we're car camping, I like to make coffee in the French press. It's a touch of civilization in an uncivilized world. (Also: delicious!)

This was Calvin's second camping trip (the first was during Thanksgiving break). He settled in to the new routine pretty quickly. Our friend John suggested using rope to make a dog run that we could attach Calvin's leash to, which was a brilliant idea. He couldn't run away, but he had enough freedom to run around the camp site, pee on things (including John's bag... oops!) and wrestle with Seamus. Seamus, of course, was off leash the entire time because he's perfect. I wish I had a photo of Seamus lying by the fire while the rest of us played Settlers of Catan on the picnic bench, but I didn't think to snap one. Trust me when I say it was adorable.

On Saturday we did an easy four mile hike along both the trails pictured above. I took tons of photos of mushrooms and trees, many of which made it on to my flickr account. Below are some of my favorites.

Pardon my appearance. I hadn't showered in three days and had been living on Shiner Bock.

Possum Living. Review coming soon!

All in all, an excellent weekend of camping. It makes Monday rush by just a little bit slower.