Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day of (No) Rest and Going Bare

We had a busy weekend - babysat for our friends on Friday, Saturday morning yoga, a trip to Lufkin, dinner with friends - but Sunday? Sunday was about as busy at they get - and in a good way!

Sunday started with Nathan and I sleeping until almost 8:30am! I read in bed until 10 and now I'm almost done with I Am Charlotte Simmons. (At 688 pages I consider this quite an accomplishment. I also have THOUGHTS about this book, which you will soon hear all about.)

After breakfast, we finally took the dogs on a long walk down to the trails and the field where we let them run around off leash and roll in the grass until they're so tired we have to drag them home. The most exciting part of this particular walk was not that it was a sunny 63 degrees (though that was pretty great) but that I wore my Vibram FiveFingers for the very first time. Oh, yes. I'm beginning the transition to barefoot running. 

Like 95% of the running community, I read the book Born to Run and fell in love with the idea of barefoot running. While research is split and the topic is hotly contested, I think there's enough evidence backing the benefits of going barefoot that it's worth a try. From what I've read, the transition can be painful (Vibrams make you use muscles in different ways which can cause soreness, especially in the calves) so I'm starting out by walking the dogs in them. On Sunday, I probably walked about two miles and did some light running in the grass with the dogs. Today my legs feel a little tight but nothing out of the ordinary, so I guess I'm doing it right! 

A question for my Vibram wearing friends: How tight should Vibrams be? Mine feel very snug and I'm wondering if I need a size up, or if they will stretch out a bit the more I wear them. How tight is too tight?

In addition to walking in Vibrams, I also ran 3.4 miles and then spent two hours at the rec center, bouldering on the rock wall. Bouldering is when you climb lower, without a harness, above a crash pad (you fall a lot while bouldering. If you're me, anyway.). Bouldering is a great way to build strength and practice technique, both of which I need desperately. It was fun and I found some new problems to work on. Our goal of climbing twice a week is going well!

Mothership Wit

All that exercise called for a massive stir fry with quinoa and tofu, as well as a quality six pack. We went with Mothership Wit from the New Belgium Brewing Company. It's their organic wheat beer - very light and pleasant. Nathan didn't like it but I think it would be great on a hot summer day. As is, it was pretty good on a warm winter night.

Gratuitous photo of Seamus.

Gratuitous photo of Calvin
As for the dogs, by the end of the weekend they, too, were totally exhausted. I think a pair of tired pups is one of the best indicators of a weekend well spent. 

And just in case you thought I forgot that today is Valentine's Day, I have not! I'm even wearing a seasonally appropriate shirt to prove it.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know that Valentine's Day was created by the greeting card companies and that chocolate and roses are trite, cliche, etc. But that's not how I do V-Day. Today, I celebrate all kinds of love, including but not limited to the love I feel for Nathan, my family, my dogs, my friends, my co-workers, 70 degree days in Texas in February, plans to drink wine in the park after work, and warm vegan brownies topped with vanilla coconut milk ice-cream. There are a lot of reasons to love. What are yours?