Wednesday, March 16, 2011

35 Conferette, or An Old Lady Tries to Rock Out

This past weekend, Nathan and I embarked on an adventure to 35 Conferette, a music conference and festival held annually in Denton, Texas. First, a little history: as I'm sure you're aware, the music festival South by Southwest is taking place in Austin. For years, bands traveling there to perform stopped in Denton and played a few shows. This tradition grew and an unofficial festival was born. In the last few years organizers have tried to make it more official, and this year they actually got permission from the city to hold it downtown. For four days there were three outdoor stages with music from 1pm until 9pm, and then from 10pm until 2pm bands would play at all the different clubs in town.

Pretty exciting and very cool, and if I were ten years younger I would have been all about it. Alas, I am 28.5 years old. My usual bedtime is 10pm, and for two days I didn't go to sleep until after 3am. You know how sometimes you have a trip with bad moments, but overall the memories were good and you can say you had a great time despite the mishaps? Well, in this case I had a few good moments and the rest of the weekend was just kind of eh. This was mostly due to poor planning on our part. We tried to save money by skipping a hotel and camping at a nearby state park, only to realize after we got there that the park was 40 minutes from downtown. Any money we might have saved was eaten up by gas prices. While it was warm the first night, the temperature dropped the second evening and I was spent the night shivering in my hammock, unable to fall asleep. We spent way too much money for one weekend, and during a time when we're trying to save every penny. I didn't like most of the music - a lot of them were generic indie bands or noise rock that gave me a headache. And finally, have I mentioned that I am an old lady who gets cranky past 11pm? No? Because I am.

There were, however, a few good moments and I'd like to take a second to focus on those. One of the shows we saw was O'Death, a band I very much like and not just because the drummer is a good friend from college. Nathan and I hadn't seen David since I graduated in 2004 so it was fun hanging out and catching up. 

We also caught a band called Prince Rama, which featured two women, a keyboard, a drum set, and some of the most interesting music I've heard in a long time. Lots of chanting and spooky sounds and the ladies were just the cutest thing I've ever seen. We bought one of their albums. I can definitely imagine doing yoga to this music.

So there you have it. The two highlights of an otherwise sub-par weekend. From now on, I'll keep my live music limited to local shows and make sure a bed is always within reach. ;)