Friday, March 04, 2011

Life Explosion!

Hello, Friday! Thank goodness you're here. This has been a roller coaster of a week, fraught with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I've been really busy both at work and at home - hence survey posts and not a peep yesterday. Therefore, this week's +/- list will be more of a general catch-up. Life is exploding right now, but in a good way!

Running and Swimming and Yoga, Oh My!  

Half marathon training is off to a pretty good start! Amy, Nathan and I are training together, and it's nice to have running partners who are faster than me - it forces me to push myself. On Monday we ran a speedy three miler; on Wednesday we did speed work at the track; and this morning we ran five miles at a medium pace. Today was definitely the hardest of the three workouts - I was hungry when we started and my legs felt like lead, plus it was very humid. I muscled through even as I thought about quitting, and held on for dear life to an average pace of 9:47. Ouch.

Swimming, on the other hand, is going swimmingly. Katie turned me on to Swim Plan, which is a treasure trove of free and highly customizable workouts for the pool. I plan to download a few for the coming weeks.

Tonight, I'm leaving work an hour early and driving two hours to Tyler, Texas, to attend a yoga workshop with Ricky Tran. I'm not sure what to expect, but I love the chance to try a new teacher in a different studio. Exciting!

Living the Writer's Life

This year's MFA application season has yielded a few gems. I joined a Facebook group called "MFA Draft '11" and have been distracted/entertained by the nearly 500 people currently biting their nails along with me as we all wait to hear back from schools. I've also found a few new blogs through some of the threads. One those is Transatlantic Enchilada, in which the blogger/writer has a daily series called "365 Days of Being a Writer," which documents what she's done each day to further her goal of becoming a writer. Obviously, I love this idea and have been reading all her posts, which has super motivating. While I don't think I will devote a separate blog to my writing progress, I do think I'll start up a weekly series outlining my writing goals and action plans for that week. I was doing this for a while, but it was a monthly thing and I think weekly will keep me more focused and productive. Stay tuned!

And speaking of being productive, last night I was in a grumpy mood. We skipped yoga to go rock climbing, ate a fast and not-exactly-healthy dinner so we could get to the gym on time, and then decided to skip climbing at the last minute. No exercise and a disappointing dinner put me in a foul mood. Instead of sulking in front of the TV with a beer, I made peppermint tea and submitted two flash fiction pieces to a total of six journals. When I was done, I felt that the night had not been a waste after all. Success!

Experiments in Fungi and Beer 

Our two big projects this weekend (besides tacking an 8 mile run - yikes! - and finally catching up on laundry - an even bigger yikes!) involves mushrooms and beer. You already know about the beer brewing supplies we purchased in Houston a few weeks ago. Well, on Sunday we plan to brew our first batch ever. Wish us luck! I will, of course, be documenting the process.

I will also be documenting our other experiment: mushrooms! One of the things I got Nathan for his 30th birthday was a shittake mushroom growing kit from Fungi Perfecti. I had no idea what to expect when we opened the box, but it definitely wasn't a lump of sawdust and wood chips that had been inoculated with spores. The whole thing was much bigger than I anticipated but it does claim to yield five pounds of mushrooms. So if you have any good shittake recipes, pass them on!

I think that about sums up my week and a few of the things I'm looking forward to. How did your week pan out? Any crazy adventures planned for this weekend?