Friday, April 08, 2011


Yesterday, a good friend's father passed away. It's sad, especially because my friend is such a good, caring, compassionate person. The kind of person who always puts herself last and always asks about you first. The kind of person who sends thoughtful thank you notes for the smallest gestures. The kind of person who donates a book to the library in honor of a friend's family pet that has passed away. She's a mother, a professor at the university, an impeccable hostess and the very definition of Southern hospitality - exactly the kind of legacy you would be proud to leave behind if you were, for example, her beloved father.

And even though I'm hurting for my friend and her loss, I'm also feeling grateful for our friends and the way they come together in times of joy and tragedy - mostly through food. We've got another MealBaby registry going and I've signed up for a few days next week. It doesn't seem like enough for someone I care about so much but it is, at least, the least I can do.

Here is the strangest part: I saw her update on Facebook about her father's passing and then, right beneath that, read an announcement from another friend about the birth of her son. I don't think the universe speaks through social networks, but if it did I imagine it would say, "Life and death are holding hands at every moment. Every day deals both joy and sorrow. Be grateful for the time you have."

Lots of other things have been happening this week, but this is the only one I can focus on right now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and appreciate every passing moment. See you Monday!