Friday, April 01, 2011

Homebrew Bottled and Friday Fools

A few weeks ago we brewed our first batch of beer. We made some mistakes and weren't sure that we had done everything right. When it was time to bottle the beer we took a hydrometer reading to see what our gravity was and discovered that it was way high. After some Googling, it seemed that bottling such a brew would result in exploding glass bottles. This did not sound fun. Nathan wanted to dump the beer and start over but I convinced him to wait it out and try again in a day or two, after we done some more research. As it turns out, we were reading the hydrometer wrong. Our beer was fine - nearly perfect, in fact! - and earlier this week we finally bottled it.

We ended up with just over six six-packs of beer - 37 bottles! We should have had closer to 60 bottles of beer but there was some spilling, many samples were sacrificed for hydrometer readings and there was an issue with our siphon. Growing pains. While I know our next batch will be better, I'm hopeful that this one will be pretty good as well!

In other news, it's April 1st. This means that any time I go to a website or visit a link, someone is trying to fool me. I will not be fooled! I tried to trick Nathan today, by texting him that my boss found three puppies on the side of the road while driving to work today and that I had adopted all of them. He wrote back, "Only if we can eat one of them." Oh, well. It was good try.

In exciting news that is NOT a joke: The lovely Colleen, of the blog Scrap and Run, profiled me today for her Spotlight Series. Click on over to read an interview about my blogging habits and history, my love for running and how I fit everything in (ha!). Thanks for the honor and the opportunity, Colleen!

I think that about sums up my Friday. For the rest of the day, I will be dodging April Fools' Day tricks, finishing a big project at work and counting down the minutes until 5:00pm - I have a fun weekend planned, which I'm sure you'll hear all about on Monday. Until then, have a great day and a happy April Fools'.