Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Have a Good Weekend

Excuse the bed sheet that is half hanging off the couch. As you can see, Seamus claims the couch most days/afternoons/nights and changing the sheet out each week is the best way we've found to keep the cushions clean and somewhat fresh. It's more a functional solution than a chic fix. Also, this is how I feel by Friday. TGIF, y'all! Also, also: longest caption ever.

"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life."
-William Londen

I came across the above quote via Tiny Buddha, which is where I find all my favorite quotes. I like this one in particular because it sums up my life philosophy perfectly. This weekend, I plan to hit on all of the above suggestions:

Eat lightly: Saturday afternoon our CSA is hosting a potluck for all members. I am planning to bring my soon-to-be-famous carrot cake, mostly so I can finally post the recipe & photos here!

Breathe deeply: I'm looking forward to Saturday morning yoga and a Sunday evening donation class (open to anyone!). I'm also planning to run a 5K tomorrow, even though the race starts at 2pm. I'm guessing a PR is not in my future.

Live moderately: Being broke kind of forces one to live moderately, but that's fine with me. I like being frugal and thrifty and taking advantage of the free fun and good friends that I can find right here at home. As much as I like to travel, I'm happy that we're not going out of town this weekend - I have missed the simple pleasures of Nacogdoches.

Cultivate cheerfulness: Yes, please. I'm almost always in a good mood and I usually have something to look forward to, even if the present moment is less than ideal (coughworkcough). Because it's nearly quitting time on a Friday, being cheerful is extra easy.

Maintain an interest in life: This weekend, things already catching my interest are: a coffee date with friends, a kite festival at the airport, finishing a short story I plan to enter in a contest, working on the yoga newsletter for May, and finishing The Invisible Bridge, my current read which I can't put down. I am interested in life, mine and yours, and I plan to write and read and be interested in life until the day I die. I hope that you will do the same.

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! See y'all Monday!