Thursday, May 05, 2011

Come On In!

Back when I was a naive New Yorker, the only time I saw a lizard outside was if someone's pet escaped. An experience such as getting home from work, locking your bicycle to the porch railing, and then accidentally putting your hand around an anole as you reach to open your front door - well, it would never happen.

Yesterday in Texas, that is exactly what happened.

Sometimes I really like living in the south. 


  1. Hee hee! Me too :-) I have some lizards that live under a light box near my front door, and I always look for them after dusk. They, however, are absolutely terrified of me.

  2. That picture is crazy! A seal washed ashore in Manhattan yesterday, though, so we're not totally immune to encounters with nature...

  3. This one was surprisingly bold! I think maybe the cold snap we've had made him out of sorts and slow moving. I shooed him away and when Nathan got home 15 minutes after me, he was back on the door handle! I would have let him in but I don't think the dogs would have allowed that to end well.

  4. A seal! I am fairly certain I will not see a seal in East Texas any time soon. If I do, we're in trouble!