Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lemon Fresh Red Potatoes and Squash

photo credit: glyn_nelson

First things first: I have no actual photos of this very delicious recipe. I took some photos and they were great, but Nathan got a hold of my camera in New York and deleted everything not wedding related, so he had room to take videos of little kids break dancing. He figured since the photos were clearly older, I had already transferred them to my computer. I informed him that, for future reference, anything on my camera has YET to be moved. Lesson learned.

Lucky for him, I was able to find a lovely photo of red potatoes to illustrate this blog post, compliments of the Creative Commons search feature on flickr. All my photos are posted under a Creative Commons license, which means anyone can use them however they like, as long as they credit me. I am grateful to other flickr users who return the favor.

But we're not here to talk about Creative Commons or missing photos. We're here to talk about food, and this recipe will get you talking. I found it on the back of a bag of Ruby Sensation red potatoes and after reading the recipe in the produce aisle, proceeded to buy the ingredients and make it that night. It's a simple, summery dish and comes together very quickly, despite the long-ish directions. The recipe recommends serving this dish warm but I have to say - I had the leftovers cold the next day and was blown away by the more developed flavors. Served cold, it's a fresher, lighter version of potato salad, bursting with bright lemon notes and the mild sweetness of shallots. It's good warm, of course, but seriously: eating it cold, the next day, is the way to go!

Lemon Fresh Red Potatoes and Squash 
(adapted from the back of a bag of Ruby Sensation Potatoes)

You will need: 
1 lb small red potatoes, unpeeled and quartered
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
Zest of one lemon (zest before juicing)
2 Tbsp minced shallot
1 garlic clove, minced
1 1/4 tsp dried marjoram or dried basil, divided
1/8 cup plus 2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 zucchini squash, cut into 1.3 inch thick slices
1 yellow squash, cut into 1.3 inch thick slices
1/2 large red bell pepper, cut into 1 inch wide strips

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Place potatoes and salt in a large saucepan, cover with water and boil until almost tender, about 12-15 minutes. Be careful not to overcook the potatoes!

3. While potatoes are boiling, combine squash and bell pepper in a large bowl; add 1/8 tsp of marjoram and 1 Tbsp of oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss to coat.

4. Arrange squash and pepper mixture in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake 5-8 minutes until tender, turning at least once during cooking time.

5. Whisk lemon juice, shallot, garlic, 1 tsp marjoram and lemon zest in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in 1/8 cup of oil. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

6, When potatoes are done, drain and transfer potatoes to a medium bowl. Add squash and pepper mixture. Pour oil and lemon juice mixture over the whole she-bang and stir to coat everything evenly. Serve warm or let cool and serve the next day, for an even more complex and delicious flavor.