Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Four

Friends! It's been a crazy week. Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, but I didn't want to greet the weekend without first saying hello to you. Thus: a blog post, in list form.

For Sale!

1. After distributing a nifty flier touting the finer aspects of our for-sale-apartment, we have no less than four people coming to see it this Sunday. Which means we have no less than two days to clean the heck out of our apartment until it's shiny, welcoming and practically sells itself. It's really important that we sell our place as soon as possible, otherwise we'll have to push back our move date, which will cause me to stress about the possibility of all the good rentals in Wilmington being snatched up before we get there. I guess moving is stressful no matter how you do it, but the whole having to sell a place/find a place/not be homeless when school starts thing is a concern.

2. Yesterday I took Calvin to the vet so he could get some blood work done. When he was neutered a few months ago, they were only able to find one testicle so now, they are testing him for the presence of testosterone. If he has any in his blood, then there is another testicle that must be found and removed. If there's no testosterone, then he only had one to begin with. I'm hoping he was a uniballer, because a second surgery will be painful for the pup, not to mention for my wallet. We get his results back in a week, so fingers crossed! Also, my little puppy officially weights 101 pounds. So that's two 100+ pound mutts. How did I get so lucky?! (I'm serious! Big dogs are awesome!)

The campus where I work.

3. I'm so busy at work! I only have four weeks left at my desk (huzzah!) and instead of falling prey to short-timer's syndrome, I am falling to prey to must-finish-everything-before-I-go-because-I feel-so terribly-guilty-for-leaving syndrome. Hence, only three posts this week. (But 10,000 tweets! Surely that counts for something?)

4. We're deep in the third season of Breaking Bad. Have you seen this show? It is excellent, addictive and highly recommended by Nathan and myself. I am a huge fan of not having cable and instead watching things on DVD and Netflix. Instant gratification! No waiting for more episodes! Goodbye, commercials! Next on our list: season three of True Blood. This is an exciting summer, y'all!

And I think that brings you up to date. Have a lovely weekend!