Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Hello, Internet! My long weekend is over, my self-imposed blogging hiatus has ended, and I am here to sum up the last few days for you as briefly as possible. Photos will help with that.

On Saturday, our friend Dan showed up on his motorcycle, by way of New Mexico. The area where he lives was covered in smoke from the wildfires and decided to take us up on our offer for a visit. Dan is very laid back and an excellent house guest - he dotes on my dogs and compliments my cooking, which means he can stay as long as he likes. Because we had a house guest, we were extra social - there was a night of beers on Amy's porch, an evening of board games and wine, a trip the lake with the dogs, and finally a Fourth of July bike parade and the Nacogdoches Freedom Fest for fireworks. Everything we did was small-town-style, which is often the best way to do things. Which is lucky, since here it's also the only way! 

I took this photo with my iPhone, while riding my bike. Dangerous! Also: impressive!

This was a really good weekend, and not just because it was four days long. When I have time off from work, I try and cram in everything I've been putting off - I'll edit the stories that have been sitting on my laptop for too long, we'll fix all the things in the house that need fixing, I'll run many miles every day and go to yoga every night and there will be healthy, balanced meals three times a day. This is how I expected to spend the Fourth of July vacation - completing a long list of mostly enjoyable activities, reveling in my productivity.

And then Dan showed up and I decided that it was more important to be a good hostess. It was more important to spend time with my friends before our move. It more important to read a book and take a nap in the middle of the day, and take the dogs to the lake, and watch the worst movie in the world when it was too hot to go outside, and drink two extra glasses of wine even though I definitely didn't need them. This weekend, I did not run any miles or go to any yoga classes (though I only skipped one day of the Shred - otherwise, Dan and Nathan did it with me, which was awesome and hysterical). I didn't write, but I did read for pleasure. I ate healthy meals, but I drank too much alcohol. I found a balance without realizing how badly I needed one.

Oh, and I baked a blueberry pie. 

Definitely an excellent weekend, and exactly what I needed. I hope the same was true for you!