Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 2011 Goals, and June Recap

I'm giving the whole "monthly goals" thing another whirl, and I started with June 2011. My first month back was... not that great. I got things done, but not necessarily the things on my list. Here's how my goals panned out.
  • Write for at least 30 minutes every day. Mid-month I changed this goal to finishing two new drafts of short stories. And I actually completed this! Draft one was decent, draft two was kind of terrible. Still: success!
  • Read for at least 30 minutes every day. Mid-month I changed this goal as well, to finishing White Teeth. I am not finished, through I made a lot of progress over the holiday weekend. Soon.
  • Post one recipe per week on my blog. Oops! I only posted two recipes - CSA Slow Spring Soup and Summer Loaf. On the bright side, Blueberry Pie coming soon!
  • Continue to weight train with Sonnie twice a week on our lunch break. I did, I did! There is nothing more motivating then the opportunity to gossip while getting buff and tough.
  • Finish cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing all our wordly possessions and material goods. We had a yard sale, which helped immensely, and I have packed up and donated quite a lot of my worldly possessions. Moving is just as motivating as gossip!
  • Finally put together my damn roller derby scrapbook. Not even a little bit. 
  • Make an appointment with the lady doctor and convince him to give me an IUD. He finally said he would give me an IUD if I wanted one. And then I decided that I'd rather go with Implanon, which is basically an IUD in your arm. I thought about this last year but held off. Now, I think I'm ready!
Conclusion: summer is not the best time for making plans, but every little bit helps. Now for July!
  • Finish White Teeth and read one of the books for a class I'm taking in the fall, The Great Non-American Novel.
  • Make quality time with my friends a priority. Say yes to everything! Stay out late! Soak up these last few weeks of life in East Texas, no matter how many degrees over 100 it may be! 
  • Commit to Implanon while I still have a lady doctor I like and trust. 
  • Complete the 30 Day Shred; continue to run three days a week; yoga, yoga, yoga! I slacked over the holiday weekend, but as of today I am back on track. 
  • Finish packing whatever is left of my worldly possessions and move to North Carolina. This is not really negotiable.
  • Find a decent place to live before August 1st. 
July is a big month for me (and Nathan!) so I'm keeping my goals light and fun. Experiences above productivity, friends above work, action above words. I think July will be one of the most stressful, emotional and awesome months of my life, and I'm looking forward to every last bit of it. 


    1. Sounds like a busy month ahead!  Eep, moving!  And the IUD is exciting--you'll have to post about how it goes/what you think.  I've been thinking about it, should probably wait a few more years, but since I'm very anti-having-children, the side effect of infertility doesn't ward me off.

    2. I said the same thing! Infertile would be fine with me. ;) My doctor advised against the IUD because my uterus is smaller than a woman's who has had a child, and therefore insertion would be tricky and more painful. Implanon is made of the same stuff and works the same as an IUD but it goes under the skin in your arm and lasts for three years, instead of five. I will definitely blog about the experience! 

    3. Hey, I have "make lady doc appointment" on my to-dos for this week!  Funny :-)

      I think your monthly goals sound really great.  They're mostly centered around the move, and even if it's a little exhausting, you won't regret spending all that time having fun with your friends.  You'll look back, and it'll be the last hurrah in Texas, and that's a wonderful way to remember your time in the Lone Star State.

      Have fun, my dear!

    4. Big goals, for both last month and this month! I'd not heard of Implanon before but just looked it up--would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to do it!

    5. i'm curious what books are on the list for your class. could you send it to me?

    6. I think it's really smart of you to plan your goals for July so that you are prioritizing friends and enjoying your last weeks in East Texas.  When I moved last summer it was especially stressful because I had to finish dissertation revisions before the move.

    7. I will definitely blog the experience! 

    8. Yes, I absolutely can! I will send it tomorrow. :)

    9. I'm lucky that I have the time to focus on fun. I can't imagine working on a dissertation and moving at the same time! I figure the next three years will provide plenty of time for the work of writing and that it's okay to take a break for the next few weeks. :)