Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving Out, Moving On!

I am writing this blog post from my friend Amy's house, where I will be living until this Sunday, when Nathan and I will be waking up bright and early and moving to North Carolina. But first: we had to move out of our apartment.

One last look at our apartment on Pearl Street.

A lot has happened on the home front, and it seems I've forgotten to blog about much of it. I think I mentioned that we sold our apartment ridiculously fast, and for a tidy little profit. This was the first big obstacle to moving to Wilmington and getting it taken care of was a huge relief.

We quit our jobs on July 15 and since then, we have spent every spare moment packing, cleaning, packing, fixing things and packing some more. Throw in a few teary goodbyes to friends we won't see again for who knows how long and it's been an emotional roller coaster. Today, we finally finished moving out and handed the keys over to the new owners. I hope they enjoy the place as much as we did.

But, you are asking, if you're all moved out of your apartment, why are you still in Texas? Because, dear Reader, we actually found a suitable-looking place in North Carolina, signed a twelve month lease having never seen the place in person, and are moving in next Tuesday, August 2. Since we had a week between moving out and moving in, we brought our boxes, furniture and dogs to Amy and David's, piled them in a spare room, and will be living here for a few days until it's time to leave for good. Twice the moving, twice the fun? Sure. Why not?

Now, about the new place. The original plan was to drive up to North Carolina today and find a home upon arrival. I didn't love this plan because, well, it wasn't much of a plan. The odds of finding a house for rent, that accepted two 100 pound dogs and fulfilled most of our wants and needs weren't very good. I'd spent the last four months combing Craigslist for houses and finding decent ones, only to see them snatched up by other people again and again. And so, when I came across a house last week that seemed perfect on paper, I immediately asked for an application and sent it in. The woman who owned the house was kind enough to take a chance on us and just like that - we had a house!

I have a few photos that the landlady sent me but they aren't the best quality. Still, I can't help but share them. I'm excited to see this place in person and I hope it's as great as it seems in photos.

The house was built in the 1950's and has a large, fenced in yard with a driveway that comes up the back and leads to a carport. We'll keep the motorcycle and scooter in the carport, since they're most susceptible to the elements. The front of the house is also really cute but I'm torn about posting it for safety reasons. I might get over that later on, but for now I'm playing it safe.

There's a living room and a den and hardwood floors throughout the house. There's also a kitchen, a laundry room and two bedrooms, none of which I've seen photos of. Fingers crossed that they aren't terrible. If they are, well, I'll just spent most of my time in the backyard.

This is a screened-in porch off the side of the house. The carport is located behind it. I am pretty excited about this part of the house, because it seems like a lovely place to drink wine, listen to the rain and read books. It also looks like a good spot for a food photography station - great lighting!

We'll only have one bathroom, which is a downside, but at least it's a cute one! Seriously - some of the bathrooms I saw on Craigslist made outhouses look really, really fancy. This one seems downright swanky in comparison.

The backyard. This is the part of the house that hooked me. It looks pretty big on Google Maps - about half an acre - and is also includes a storage shed with electricity, which shall be Nathan's workshop. No tools in the closet? Yessssss. We want to have a sitting area and some garden beds, and of course there will be plenty of room for the dogs to run and play. This house is also a mile walk from the dog park, so I'm pretty sure my pups will think they've died and gone to heaven.

Now that you've seen the photos, you know as much as I do. I've never rented a place without seeing it so I'm a little nervous, but not nearly as agitated as when I thought we were going to be homeless in Wilmington for who knows how long while we searched for a place to live. I have a good feeling about this place and I'm pretty sure it will work out just fine, because I'm an optimist and I'm generally lucky. And if we arrive and it's terrible, well, it's only for a year.

When was the last time you moved? Do you like moving or do you dread it with every fiber of your being? I like having a new space to set up and I love getting rid of stuff, but this is the first time we've moved in six years and it was definitely a lot of work. I'm glad we get a break before Moving: Part Two. We've earned it.