Monday, August 01, 2011

TX > LA > MS > AL > GA

Yesterday we left Texas and drove all the way to Atlanta. I have many thoughts about the fact that I no longer live in Nacogdoches, but I haven't really processed them yet. All I've had time to do is drive. Here are some photos and stats from the road so far.

States driven through: 5
Miles covered: 719
Hours spent in the car: 14
Ounces of coffee consumed: 48
Number of times I listened to the Juno soundtrack, which was the only CD in the car: 25
Number of times I saw an identical Budget moving truck and wasn't sure which one to follow: 2
Percent of time the dogs spent sleeping like angels: 94
"I can't believe I'm leaving Texas" crying jags: 8
Miles left to drive today: 392

Next stop: North Carolina! Until then.

PS: This is my first time blogging from my phone. The future is crazy! I hope it looks normal. If not, I'm sorry and I promise to fix it later.