Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We're Home! Or Something Like That

This was my fortune from our Chinese take out last night. I hope it comes true.

Yesterday's 400 miles went by smoothly and without anything exciting occurring, which is really the best way to drive 400 miles. We pulled up to our new house at about 5pm and bounded out if the car, thrilled to finally see the place we'd signed a 12 month lease on.

Friends, remind me that first impressions aren't everything. There had been some miscommunication so the previous residents were still moving their stuff to their new house, which was next door. The landladies and a friend were furiously cleaning around them. And the house itself was in a state of disarray - it was hard to tell what, exactly, we were dealing with.

After touring the house and holding back tears, we loaded up the dogs and headed to Target. (Side note: the Wilmington Target puts the Lufkin one to shame. To shame!) We ended up spending 300 dollars on cleaning supplies, frozen veggie food, and lots of red wine. Armed with these tools, I felt ready to deal with our new house.

In the light of day, with a slight hangover, it's not so bad. Not what we were expecting, but certainly livable. Today we will paint, clean and unpack and I will begin to feel even better. For now, I am sitting on the back porch and drinking a cup of coffee while I watch the dogs play. So really and truly, I don't have much to complain about. This shall be my new mantra.

Photos and a full run down of our plans just as soon as we get Internet at the house and I am no longer blogging from my phone. Stay tuned!