Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini Vegan Donuts!

Introducing... the world's most adorable dessert!

I had a very social weekend. In addition to the potluck and almost-bar fight on Friday night, I attended a department picnic on Saturday and spent that evening watching my classmates perform karaoke. (As I have neither stage presence nor musical talent, I spared the bar my own performance). I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of balancing a social life with being a productive writer/faster runner and really, when it comes down to it, those are my priorities in life. Relationships, Writing and Running - not always in that order. I figure if I can work my ass off Sunday though Thursday, then Friday and Saturday serve as a reward. Basically, I am now a Weekend Warrior - an interesting turn of events, as I spent the bulk of my twenties attending parties that started at 6pm, ended by 11 and often featured a rotating cast of babies and children. Which was awesome, don't get me wrong - I have actually been missing my Texas life quite a bit this past week. But I'm also starting to appreciate the new rhythms of my social life in North Carolina. Work hard, play hard and take the time now and then to bake two dozen mini donuts. This, I have discovered, is the secret to life.

So about these donuts! I. Love. Them. And not just because they provided the opportunity for an extended photo shoot and a far too many sprinkle laden glamor shots. I used a recipe from Vegan YumYum, which was simple and straight forward, and I followed it word for word, step by step. I recommend you do the same. The only stumbling block for this recipe is that you need a donut pan - I have a mini one that I got on Amazon a year ago, and this was the first time I actually used it. It worked like a charm.

Mini donuts are awesome, and I will tell you why. They're tiny! Each donut is a little over a tablespoon of batter which makes them the perfect size to pop in your mouth. If you want a small sweet treat, they will satisfy. If you want a heartier dessert, there's nothing stopping you from eating five or six in one sitting. I'm speaking from experience here. Plus they really are adorable and different - they definitely stole the show at the potluck, which was my not-so-secret hope. Basically, if you're looking to eat a delicious metaphor for balance in one's life, the mini donut is it.

How about a few more glamor shots?

Work it, donut!

Do not underestimate the power of a tiny donut.

This is not the last you'll be seeing of donuts on my blog. Now that I have a basic recipe I plan to try out a bunch of variations, including some holiday themed ones. Because f there's one thing I love more than food, it's food with a theme.

Now: go forth, eat donuts, and find balance. I'll meet you there.