Friday, September 09, 2011

Project 365: Week One: Round Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about and shared some photos from Project 365, which I was going to use to document my first year in Wilmington, the start of my MFA program, and the last year of my 20's. And it was going really well... until I missed two days in the second week. Rookie mistake.

Since it was so early in the challenge I decided the best thing to do was to simply start over as of September 1. (Or August 31, because I got confused about what day it was and really liked this first photo.) The rules are the same: one photo a day, every day, for one year. I will post them in batches of seven each Friday. Enjoy!

1. You've already seen this photo, but I'm sure this will happen on occasion. I only take so many good photos. This is the classroom where I teach my undergrads. It's also the creative writing department's conference room, which means it is very fancy and comfortable, and that I will spend a lot of time in these chairs over the next three years.

(I had a photo here of a story I was critiquing for a classmate, but as pointed out in the comments this could be considered a violation of privacy, as the name of the classmate and the words she wrote were both legible. Therefore, I removed it. Better safe than sorry!)

2. In my old life, Friday afternoons were spent like every other afternoon - staring out a window on the fourth floor of my building, counting the minutes until five o'clock. Now, I spend them on my screened in porch, drinking a beer and critiquing stories for class. Somebody, pinch me.

3. This is the river front in downtown Wilmington, as seen from the deck of the USS North Carolina battleship. It's a lovely little city.

4. Another angle of the chocolate orange vegan cupcake from Coastal Cupcakes. Might need to get another one this weekend!

5. I'm taking a class this semester focused on reading the "great non-American novel." This is the first one we're tackling. So far it's... okay. I'm behind in my reading so I'll have a better feel for the book once I catch up.

6. I almost forgot to take a photo and last minute, rushed into the kitchen and tried to get artsy with the refrigerator. (It was dark and this was the best lighting I could find.) Not bad for a super fast, fake-artsy photo. (Also, I need to go grocery shopping, stat.)

7. We went on our second bike ride with the Cape Fear Cycling Club. Same route, same mileage, but I felt a little faster and stronger this week. Also, I took this photo using an app and my iPhone (Camera+ - thanks for the rec, Kate!) and I'm not sure how I feel about using apps for Project 365. The point is to become a better photographer and apps seem like a crutch. I think I'll use them only in emergencies (IE, I forgot my real camera and needed to document something.) What do you think?

One week down, 51 weeks to go!


  1. Chrissy, I would urge you to be really cautious about posting pictures of your students' papers and work - especially one in which the name of the student is so clearly visible.  It could be considered a violation of student privacy.  

  2. Thanks for your comment, Raquelita. I removed the photo and put a note in it's place. It was actually a classmate's story, not a students, but I think the privacy issue is relevant in both cases. I appreciate you pointing that out - these are things I am not used to thinking about, but need to get into the habit! 

  3. Yeah, it can be a huge pain in the ass, but different institutions and different lawyers interpret FERPA differently. It's best to be on the safe side.

  4. I'm curious (and don't have an iPhone): why do you think the app is less like "real" photography?

  5. I love the artsy fridge shot!  

  6. Gimme the cupcake and no one gets hurt...

  7. I love this project you're doing! All these photos are really nice and I especially love the fridge shot. I always like seeing what other people have in there :] Also, the chocolate orange cupcake sounds (and looks!) delicious. What a great combo!

  8. The book and the fridge shot are my favs. You get pretty creative on those "oh shit" days. As long as there's at least one element of design I feel like I tried, and I try not to get too stressed. Can't be perfect everyday, no matter how hard we try. For things with words, look into your cameras manual settings for the aperture. The lower the number the wider the aperture. So f/2.8 > f/16. The wider the aperture, the more depth of field in the focus. So I use that to focus on words suitable for public consumption while blurring out the rest of the text, like this:

    Good stuff!! Can't wait for week 3.

  9. I'm still debating doing this. I do take 1 photo a day but it is at a minimum of me or of my cat.  i would need to get more creative in what I do.