Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 365: Week Two (and My Weekend!)

Despite missing a day or two yet again, I'm posting a week's worth of photos. (Well, almost. Somehow I only have six photos. I don't know how that happened.) This past week has been a bit crazy, and I had to speed read for hours in order to finish The Savage Detectives (class discussion today!), which left little time or mental space for much else. But it's done, and my reward? Starting the next book for class ASAP. A grad student's work is never done.

This past week was not all work and no play, however. The photos below will prove that.

In case you missed my recap of the Pooch Plunge, it really was a fantastic time. Whenever I look at these photos I can't help but smile.

Last week I put the finishing touches on a story I'd been playing with for a few months, made ten copies, neatly stapled them in the upper left-hand corner and passed them out for workshop. I have my reservations about this story - it's different from my usual style, more genre-like (I was going for Western/East Texas Gothic) then the slow, quiet and tense stories I usually write. I have no idea how it will go over, but I keep telling myself that's the point of the workshop. To take risks, try new things, see if it bombs and learn from the experience no matter what. Workshop is on Tuesday. Gulp.

We have a friend in town who doesn't have a car and instead bikes everywhere. Twice she has ended up with a flat tire and had to call us for a ride, since we're the only people who have a bike rack on our car at all times. We really don't mind doing this for our friend - she is a nice person, we spent a lot of money on that bike rack and like putting it to use, and this town is small enough that she's never stranded more than a few miles away. Even so, she baked us a loaf of delicious bread as a thank you gift. While I don't need thank you gifts for such an easy favor, I am not in the habit of turning down good food. Thanks, friend!

This weekend, while tethered to my couch and book, I took a break to bake cookies. They came out really well and I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow. (I know! A recipe post! It's been so long!) I hadn't had a food photo shoot in a while and, well, this is what happens when you read a book for three hours straight.

We were successfully social on Saturday night! First: a faculty reading at Old Books. Second: a free viewing of Tree of Life on campus. Third: a night at Lula's, my new favorite bar downtown, with a bunch of MFA people. The reading was fun and I loved hearing the work of writers from whom I'm learning. The film was strange and weird but a wonderful meditation on love, loss and how small our lives really are. The bar was ridiculous, even though I only had three beers. There was a man who performed a dance for us and then lost a $100 dollar bet. He did not pay up. It was a good night.

We left at 1:30 AM and I snapped this photo as we walked to the car, because I had forgotten to take a photo for the day. Better late than never!

Yesterday, as another reading break (I did end up finishing the book, despite all these breaks) my friend and I decided to go to Target to see if there was anything left from the Missoni collection. I'm no fashion plate and don't even really like the Missoni stuff (zig zags? really? that's it?) but I do like cultural phenomenons and this seemed to fit the bill. The Wilmington Target was pretty much cleaned out, but I did find this little plastic plate for $3.99, which is not bad as far as anthropological indulgences go. When I got home I looked it up on Ebay and found people selling this same plate for $10, $20, even $30 dollars! People be crazy. Also, I am not selling my plate. I will use it for fancy dinner parties and my guests will admire and envy my taste in plates. True fact.

These photos satisfied my Project 365 and sort of recapped my weekend at the same time. I like photos that multitask! How was your week and weekend? Read any good books? Score any Missoni items at Target? Bake anything delicious? I certainly hope so.

Now I'm off to start a new week in earnest. Happy Monday, y'all!