Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why $1.50 Modelos Are a Bad Idea

Last night I went to a potluck, which was fun. I drank gin and tonics, which were delicious and wowed my new friends with the most adorable homemade mini-donuts in the world, which was satisfying. There was good food, good conversation and good times.

Then dinner ended and I should have gone home. Instead, we went to the bar where I proceeded to drink an inadvisable amount of cheap beer and then got into an altercation with a drunken douche who kept hitting on my friend even though she was clearly not interested. As it turns out, drunken douches do not like it when you ask them (politely!) to go away. They call you an ugly bitch who's just jealous that he is not hitting on you, and when you inform him that you have a boyfriend, he tells you that your boyfriend is probably out fucking some other girl right now, even though your boyfriend is ten feet away. Nathan and another friend chased the drunken douche out of the bar, the bouncers got involved and in the end no one was hurt, no one got punched, and we ordered another round. Crazy times!

This morning I woke up hungover and feeling a little foolish. I meant to go to yoga, but that didn't happen. I meant to finish reading my novel for class, but I still haven't started. I thought about yesterday's crappy run (it's so humid, again) and all the mini-donuts I had for dinner, and read some race recaps from more industrious bloggers, and felt bad about the fact that I haven't written in three days (which seems like a very long time when you are surrounded by writers all the time). It was the recipe for a really bad day and things were not looking to improve any time soon.

Then, I decided to clean the kitchen. Dishes: done. Floor: swept. Stove: cleaned. Pantry: reorganized.

 And then I felt better. 

Moral of the story: just because the beer is cheap doesn't mean you should drink all of it, and a clean house can't fix every thing but it's an excellent start. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a book to read and some words to write. Life = back on track!