Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nine Years and An Anniversary Garden

Today (11-11-11!) is my and Nathan's nine year anniversary. Yes, nine years. We have been dating since I was just 20 years old and couldn't even buy myself a bottle of wine. (Okay, fine, a 40 of Old English. I was young and had much to learn.) Because we're broke, we've decided to go out to dinner tonight and spend the rest of the weekend at home, working on our future garden. Yes, in addition to bees and chickens, we plan to have a kick ass vegetable paradise come spring time - which means there is a lot of work to do now. Here's what we're currently working with:

We have a very long back yard, and only the half closest to the house is fenced in. Which is fine with us - the back area will be separate from the dogs, which will keep the garden and chicken and bees safe from their grubby paws. In the photo above, I am standing in the furthest part of the yard, looking towards the house.

Nathan has already thinned out the scraggly trees, which were unhealthy and competing for space and sunlight. Our next step is to dig up the roots that were left behind and clear space for raised beds - this will be our weekend goal (very romantic, I know). When faced with a yard such as this, it can be hard to imagine a gorgeous end product. This is where Pinterest comes in - inspiration and motivation, all in one easy to use, cleanly designed, and highly addictive website. Here are just some beauiful gardens I'll be picturing while swinging my pick axe this weekend.

I LOVE the matching beds and fence, but I doubt Nathan would go for something so... well... cute. He's a bit more rustic than that. Still, a girl can dream.

This is actually much close to what we'll be doing. One large bed lined up against our back fence, with delicious rows of vegetables and herbs. I like this version because it uses less wood, which means it will be less expensive to build.

If money is no object, however (ha!), then smaller and more numerous beds is also quite fetching. Easier to reach across for weeding and harvesting as well!

Well now, that's just adorable. Little pots, hanging on a fence and housing herbs and flowers? Is it possible to swoon over plants? This would also be a nice compromise to satisfy my affinity for color. Note to self: raid thrift shops for terracotta flower pots and invest in some paint.

Source: via Chrissy on Pinterest

More adorable colors! This garden is actually too small and a little crowded, but damn if it isn't pretty.

Source: via Chrissy on Pinterest

If we owned rather than rented, this is what I imagine our house would resemble after a year or two. Grass is nothing but a missed opportunity. Super Garden Takeover is where it's at.

I can't wait to start tending my own garden and growing my own food. It's been a dream since we lived in a our apartment in Texas, which got no sun and in which we could not even coax peppers and tomatoes to grow in a container. (We tried. They died.) And soon that dream will come true, but first we have to deal with this:

Yes, we'll be busy this weekend. But that's okay, because we'll be busy together. <3

PS NINE YEARS. Oh my god, we're getting old.