Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Plan of Attack!

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Last year I made a long list of detailed goals for the new year, breaking them down into mini-goals and various steps. It was a good plan and, at the time, suited my life. This year, however, is different. My focus has narrowed, my values have shifted, and I've reached a unique point in my life - a lady's MFA program and her wedding come around but once in a lifetime. Therefore, my goals for the next twelve months are going to be simple and straightforward - write, read, submit, move, and love. I want to think of these five goals less as a list of resolutions and more of a mantra to carry me through what will surely be a crazy, exciting, and memorable year. And just in case those words don't carry the same power for you as they do for me, here's what I'm talking about.

1. Write. Because if I don't write loads of things while I'm in an MFA program, then how do I expect to call myself a writer? No daily goals at this point, because my writing habits shift depending on the project and where I am in the process, but I want to do something for my writing every day (whether it's writing, revising, researching, or just outlining an idea).

2 Read. In past years I've struggled to read 15 books between January and December. Now that part of my job is to read, it's only right I up this number to 25 for 2012.

3. Submit. Send out AT LEAST one story EACH MONTH to a minimum of FIVE JOURNALS. No dicking around.

4. Move. Run my third marathon. Cross my fingers (and train!) for a new PR. Rededicate myself to my yoga practice and complete a month long yoga streak (one hour a day, for at least 30 consecutive days). Continue to be healthy and strong - the older I get, the more it matters.

5. Love.  Host a super fun, low stress, and completely memorable wedding (11-10-12!). Be a better friend (call people on the phone, host more parties, show my far-flung friends how often I think of them, instead of just thinking). Volunteer for a charitable organization. I no longer have the money to donate to the issues that matter to me, but that doesn't mean I can't give my time.

Write, read, submit, move and love. Oh'twelve, it's on.

Do you have goals for 2012? If you've blogged them, comment with the link. If you don't have a blog, leave them in the comments. Goals and resolutions are the guiding force of my life and I seriously love to hear other people's Plans of Attack. Happy New Year and here's to an amazing 2012!


  1. Goals for me are set each academic year (as I have worked in education for do long) so I set my goals around September time. I have made good progress towards these goals though  - I am quite pleased really. My list tends to be a bit fluid and I add to it as the year goes along too.

    Congrats on the wedding too btw.


  2. I've outlined some difficult, possibly-unreachable reading and writing goals for 2012. At least, they're difficult with a day job and a long commute. That *really* eats into the day. Where's that money tree for my yard?? I've also rededicated myself to yoga already (like last week), and I'll be working on a west coast swing routine to perform on the competitive circuit this year. We're looking to debut in July, though *maybe* sooner, depending on how rehearsals go. Plus, this week I started learning calculus, and that will continue into the 2012 as well. 

    Your five-word mantra resonated with me. I think I'm going to borrow it, but add "learn" between "move" and "love," because calculus doesn't fit into the other headings. :P

  3. These are great goals! I look forward to following along as you achieve them, Chrissy! My 2012 goals post won't go up for another couple of days, but rest assured I have goals for the upcoming year, as, like you, goals are crucial to my understanding of myself and the world. 

  4. I usually  have New Year goals and New Academic Year goals. I like being able to set resolutions twice a year. :)

  5. Learn is a great addition! I might add it to mine too, though I think it's implied, what with school and everything. :)

    I admire your goals! I love the idea of being too ambitious but seeing how far you can get anyway. A great way to look at resolutions!

  6. I knew you would be posting goals and I look forward, as always, to reading them. They never fail to inspire me!

  7. Great goals, Chrissy! I love reading your blog. My goals were set using the Day Zero Project this year... so they're not New Year's Resolutions, but goals for the next 1001 days! Good luck with your new adventures. Can't wait to read about them. :)

  8. Good luck with your goals! I love Day Zero - it's such a good tool for long-term goals!