Thursday, December 08, 2011

Semester: Done!

I have officially survived my first semester of graduate school. Can I get a hooray?!

Source: via Lou on Pinterest

In some ways, this MFA program was everything I hoped it would be. In other ways, it was a total surprise - a good surprise. I met a ton of new people, I read a bunch of books, I workshopped stories until I lost all faith in myself as a decent writer (it's okay - that's what revision is for), and I have five more semesters left in which I will grow and write and learn. I'm in a good place right now, even when - no, especially when - things have been tough. I've tried to blog my way through the last semester as best I could, so I thought I'd share a few statistics, which might give you a better idea of what the last few months were really like.

Short stories written and workshopped: 4
Credits earned: 10
Students taught: 10
Non-American novels read in my forms seminar: 7
Subscriptions to literary journals: 4
Personal debt accrued: $2,500
New Facebook friends: 57+
Foursquare mayorships in North Carolina: 2
Races run in North Carolina: 0
Trips outside of Wilmington since August: 2
Soy lattes from Port City Java: countless
MFA-related parties, receptions, pub crawls, and readings: so many
Level of happiness: through the roof

I'd say it's been a good semester.

Today is my first official day of winter break - the spring semester doesn't begin until January 11, so I have a whole month with nothing to do, no deadlines or due dates or classes or required readings that demand my time, waking me early and keeping me up late. Besides going to New York for Christmas, I plan to use this time to work on my stories from last semester - I want to revise all four of them and then submit them to journals, well before the next semester starts. I also want to read for pleasure, catch up on the current season of Glee, sew some pillow covers, wrap Christmas presents, and go to a ton of yoga classes. It's going to be a great month, of this I am certain.

But first, the dogs are whining for a walk. I may have taken the next steps towards a second masters, but we know who's really in charge around here.

Have a great day!