Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend Adventures

I haven't really blogged anything besides school and running in a while, which makes sense, since that's all I've been up to. But it's winter break and if I'm going to get back in the habit of having adventures, now's the time to do it. First step: buy a canoe.

I know, I know. We're broke, our savings are slowly slipping away, and the credit card debt has been piling up. But, as past posts prove, we enjoy canoeing and camping. We rented canoes fairly regularly when we lived in Texas. And once you have a canoe, the opportunity for adventures that are both fun and free become abundant. Plus, Nathan finally got his first paycheck on the same day he found an amazing deal on a canoe via Craigslist. We got this canoe at a steal, because it had been left in the sun for too long and the color had faded, and because the man who made it (a local boat builder) was in a hurry to free up space in his shop. Cosmetic imperfections + impatience = a suddenly affordable canoe for Nathan and Chrissy. I can't wait to break a bottle of (really cheap) champagne on it's mast and take it for it's maiden voyage on the Cape Fear River.

In other adventures, Saturday night featured a Last Minute Slap-Dash Dress Your Best Christmas Cocktail Party, which was attended by all the MFA students who had yet to flee Wilmington for the holidays.

Table, dressed to the nines.

Nathan looks good in this photo. I do not. One out of two ain't bad.

For a last minute party, it was a downright classy affair. Everyone got dressed up (I'm talking ties and tights), the house had a glowing tree, stockings on the mantle, and twinkling lights in every room, and our lovely host, Anna, threw together a gorgeous table of gourmet snacks. I drank two mugs of hot whiskey apple cider and then switched to red wine, and ate many vegan cookies, which I baked and brought to the party. (I made my no frills vegan chocolate chip cookies, but with a few frills.)

It was an excellent party and a nice way to end the semester once and for all.

On Sunday morning Nathan and I met our friends Lucy and Matt for a run around Greenfield Lake. I had high hopes of running 16 miles but my IT Band started acting up again, so I only made it eight. Very disappointing, but I'll talk more about that in my weekly marathon training post. To soothe my frustration and depression we went out to brunch instead, which helped.

We also had high hopes of brewing beer yesterday, but by the time we got back from brunch, took the dogs to the park, and ran to the grocery store it was already 4pm. So it looks like we're putting that off until next year.

Speaking of tomorrow (not really, but it's too early to come up with elegant transitions), I fly to New York in the morning and I'm so excited to see my family (and eat New York bagels). I haven't been home since July 2010, with the exception of a two day visit last May for a wedding, and it will be great to spend ten whole days with them. (Definitely one of the perks of being a student again!) Which means today I absolutely MUST: wrap Christmas presents; mail holiday cards; pack for the trip; go to kettlebell AND yoga (I will miss the YMCA very much); finish the laundry; and purchase two or three more books for my Kindle. The Kindle is perhaps the hardest part, because every time I think of a book I want to read I have an internal struggle about whether I want a hard copy or the e-version. First world problems, my friends. Oh, how I suffer.

I hope you all had a good weekend and are gearing up for a great week. Until next time!