Monday, January 02, 2012

Marathon Training: Weeks 6 and 7

To aid in my quest to run a four hour marathon on March 18, 2012, I'll be writing training recaps each Monday, documenting the previous week. This is week six and seven!

I bet you thought I forgot about marathon training, what with the lack of updates, the holidays, the traveling, and all this silly marriage business. You'll be pleased to know that running has been on my mind - even if I haven't been in my sneakers.

In the past two weeks, I have run exactly 6.5 miles. A far cry from the 25-30 a week I was running, but I have a good excuse. My troublesome IT Band was not getting any better and so I decided that visiting my family in New York was the perfect time to give it a rest. I had grand plans to go to a hot yoga studio every day while I was home and really stretch my leg out, but I only ended up going once. The studio was a half an hour from my parents' house and I was exhausted from trying to squeeze in all the wedding planning I could while home. I also decided it was more important to spend time with my family (who I hadn't seen in over a year, except for a brief weekend trip last May for a wedding) then to spend time working out. I regret nothing. Well, except for all the junk food. I kind of regret that.

Today, after resting and healing for over a week, I set out to run five easy miles and only made it to three. My knee, while not as pained as it had been, still felt a little sore and I didn't want to push it. The Wrightsville Beach Marathon is now only 11 weeks away and I haven't been able to run anything over 12 since I started training. I want to give my knee time to heal properly, but I also want to run a four hour marathon on March 18. I've decided to ease back into running this week, go to as much yoga as I can, and see how I feel next Monday. Worst case scenario: I drop down to the half and find a late spring or early fall marathon to run. Which would be disappointing and frustrating, but certainly not the end of the world. You know I'll keep y'all updated.

Monday (Dec 19): Kettlebell at the YMCA.

Tuesday (Dec 20): My flight to New York was at 11:00 AM, but that didn't stop me from squeezing in a 6:00 AM Ashtanga yoga class that thoroughly kicked my ass. 

Wednesday (Dec 21): Rest. Also, hangover. Honesty is the best policy.

Thursday (Dec 22): Rest.

Friday (Dec 23): An easy 3.5 mile run around my parents' neighborhood. I finished it off with 200 crunches and 25 pushups and felt very proud of myself. Unfortunately, my knee proceeded to ache for the next three days. This is when I decided not to run again until I got back to North Carolina. 

Saturday (Dec 24): Rest.

Sunday (Dec 25): Rest.

Monday (Dec 26): Rest.

Tuesday (Dec 27): Rest.

Wednesday (Dec 28): Rest.

Thursday (Dec 29): Yoga at Sayville Hot Yoga, where my friend Allie is a member. It was a mix of Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow and I enjoyed it.

Friday (Dec 30): Spent all day flying home to NC. Also, hungover. Again: honesty.

Saturday (Dec 31): Rest. 

Sunday (Jan 1): Rest.