Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Brownies make every party better.

This past weekend was a good mix of busy and not-so-busy, productive and sit-on-the-couch. In other words, my kind of weekend.

We started our adventures on Friday, but heading over to the house of two friends who also happened to be recently engaged. It's been fun having a friend here in town to discuss wedding planning with. They got engaged over the Christmas holiday and are planning a May wedding. On the one hand, I think they are crazy. On the other, they're getting it over and done with so quickly - I'm maybe a little jealous. At any rate, they invited a small group over for homemade pizza, wine, and a small fire in the backyard. It was a cold night, but we huddled around the flames and sipped our beverages to stay warm. My favorite my kind of night.

Pizza topped with roasted sweet potato. Carb love.

Backyard bonfire.

Saturdays is becoming our dedicated yard and garden day. This week we tilled the raised beds, turning over the leaves and compost so they will decompose and transform themselves into healthy soil faster. We also took a trip to Progressive Gardens, our new favorite gardening store, where we bought a pound of earthworms and received a free gallon of compost tea. Delicious! 

Progressive Gardens.

The compost tea was actually for the gardens (gotcha!) and the earthworms were for our worm hotel. Well, our future worm hotel. That was my project for the day. I found some simple directions online, bought the materials and the worms, armed myself with the drill, and spent the afternoon constructing a home for our new wiggly friends. Building a worm hotel has actually been on my life list for an absurdly long time, so it felt good to finally cross that item off. Plus, the worms seem to like their new digs (har, har). Everyone's a winner! 

Artsy drill bits.

Hello, friend!

I documented the construction of the worm hotel thoroughly and plan to write a separate post about it. For now, just know it was very easy and very cheap and I did the whole thing by myself. I'm really growing up.

On Sunday, I didn't do much of anything. Wait, that's not true. I just didn't do anything worth photographing. There was some writing in the morning (I'm working on a creative nonfiction piece about roller derby that gets clunkier every time I touch it - sigh), some reading (The Writing Life by Annie Dillard - amazing), some running (another five miler, for a grand total of 13 last week - don't call it a comeback), and tea + toast (I was inexplicably nauseous after my run and lounged on the couch for a few hours, which seemed to fix things). A good Sunday and a great weekend, and now I'm ready for a productive week. Hope you all feel the same!

PS - Raquelita alerted me to the fact that Blogger now has a reply feature on it's commenting system. Since replies were the main reason I was using Disqus, I've decided to go back to Blogger comments. Which means the order of some of my older comments are a little mixed up, but everything should look okay from here on out. If you notice anything weird, let me know!