Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Hard Week, But At Least There Were Brownies

It hasn't been an easy week. 

First, our heater stopped working on Sunday afternoon. I mentioned this in my last post, but when I wrote that I didn't yet know it would take two days, three visits from different service people, and $500 to get it turned on again. Also, that this would all happen during our one and only actual cold spell of the winter. Which means I spent two days wearing layers of clothing in my own house, shivering at my desk, and crying over the fact that my feet physically ached. I have a very low tolerance for cold weather, and living in a house hovering around 45F took a physical and emotional toll. I never said I was tough.

To make a long story just slightly longer, our house has an archaic heating system and we ran out of oil. I wish we had figured this out sooner and saved ourselves a headache or twelve, but alas. The more you know.

In addition to being cold and unhappy for the beginning part of the week, Nathan's schedule is beginning to take it's toll. A full time job that actually ends up being closer to 50-60 hours a week, plus eight hours of class, means he hasn't had a second of downtime. Last night he asked if we could cancel his birthday party and do something quiet and simple instead. I was disappointed, as I love birthday parties, but I guess that's why I have my own. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but hopefully Nathan will feel relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of it. I will do my best to make this happen.

Valentine's Day was also this week, in case you missed it. I had class all day, Nathan had work and then class all night, and we finally saw each other at 10:30PM. I baked brownies, which is something I do often, but I painstakingly cut them into heart shapes for the holiday, and I bought vegan ice-cream to put on top of them. It's the little things. 

There I was, being thoughtful and romantic, when what does Nathan do? Gives me an external hard drive for my computer, which I have desperately needed for years. (I have none of my photos or writing backed up anywhere. Terrible, I know.) So, Nathan wins the prize for V-Day this year. At least the brownies were delicious. 

I don't really know what the point of this post was, except for the fact that I hadn't written one since Monday and it's been a not-so-great week. Hopefully three cups of coffee and spin class at the YMCA will improve my mood. I'm on cup number two right now, and things are already looking up. And to that I have to say: thank dog, y'all. Thank dog.