Monday, February 06, 2012

A Productive Monday

Calvin and Seamus are clearly impressed by my ambition.

I love Mondays. I don't write that to make the rest of you Monday-haters feel even more hateful, but because it is a fact. On most Mondays, I am relaxed and rested from unplugging over the weekend. I am excited for the week that lies ahead. I have a packed to-do list and seven whole days to cross things off. Monday is full of possibility and promise, and those things simply can't be beat.

(Of course, by the time Tuesday rolls around I'm already behind on two classes, my students are emailing me questions that I've answered three times, and I've eaten a whole bag of pita chips in one sitting. But we're not talking about Tuesday. We're talking about Monday. Glorious, glorious Monday.)

Today's Monday was especially productive and I felt like it was worth sharing. I managed to accomplish the following:
  • Walked the dogs on our morning loop (about 1.25 miles, which takes 30 minutes due to sniffing and peeing on things). 
  • Posted a long and somewhat boring blog entry about the Feast Down East
  • Wrote for three hours and made progress on a story that's due on the 14th. It's not readable yet, but it's getting there. (I also took some internet breaks in there - it's hard to focus for three hours straight). 
  • Took a computer break to eat leftover vegan stuffed shells and wash a sink full of dishes. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. 
  • Read, critiqued, and submitted workshop letters for two fiction stories (due tomorrow). 
  • Read 1/3 of the book due for Thursday's class (First We Read, Then We Write). 
  • Bought Nathan two presents online and made a Facebook event thingy for his birthday party (31 on the 18th!). 
  • Filed my taxes LIKE A BOSS (and got a hefty refund - finally, going back to school pays off!).
  • Took the dogs on a second walk around our morning loop, because they let me get so much done today. 
  • Convinced Nathan to come to yoga with me - 90 minutes of a solid Vinyasa flow that left my hips screaming, but open. 
  • Came home and whipped up a batch of Red Lentil Dahl, which simmered while I sipped a glass of wine and wrote this blog post.
Hello, lovely. Come to mama.

Too often it feels like no matter how much I do or how hard I work, I don't accomplish anything, even though I know that's not true. Sometimes it takes a bulleted list of small accomplishments to see the big picture, and a glass of wine to celebrate right.

Hope you had a great Monday, too. Now if we could just avoid Tuesday...