Monday, March 12, 2012

In Which My Freakishly Powerful Immune System Fails Me

I hardly ever get sick. Occasionally, my throat will get a slight tickle and I'll obsess about the possibility of maybe getting sick, but it usually goes away within a few hours, or after a good night of sleep. I think the last time I had an honest-to-god cold was approximately two years ago. I say this not to brag (well, maybe to brag a little) but because when I do get sick, I take it as a personal insult. And yesterday, I was insulted.

The cold came on quickly and without warning. One minute I was riding my bike home from a lovely brunch at a friend's house, slightly buzzed from a generous mimosa, and the next I was curled up on the couch, weak, dizzy, and unable to breath through my nose. I ended up going to bed at 8:30PM (which, due to Daylight Savings Time, was actually 7:30PM) and slept for a solid eleven hours. I spent this morning filling up tissues and coughing while propped up in bed, alternating between Swamplandia! and the latest issue of Bat City Review.

Good books are the best medicine.

After a while, the dogs became restless, wondering what had happened to their morning walk. And so I dragged myself out of bed, threw my hair into a messy ponytail, layered up my clothing, and headed out with the boys. And then a miraculous thing happened. As it turned out, layers were not needed - it was sunny and 75 degrees, a gorgeous day, and we walked leisurely, soaking in the weather (me) and peeing on all the things (them). It was even a little easier to breathe and half way through the walk, I made the decision to show this cold who's boss. It is, after all, the first official day of spring break, and I refuse to waste my precious free time in bed, feeling sorry for myself.

Calvin says, "get out of bed, already!"

Step one: open all the windows and let some of that lovely day inside. Step two: mix up some bread dough, so that it can spend the morning rising on the counter. Step three: make a fresh pot of coffee and catch up on the Internet and my blog. Step four: take a hot shower, wash my damn hair, and put on a pair of recently washed jeans, because looking like a human will help me feel like one, too.


Coffee! Hooray!

I'm still a little stuffed up, still sneezing and a woozy, and I won't drag myself to the YMCA today (because really, no one wants to share gym equipment with someone who clearly has a cold), but I'm already feeling ten times better than I did yesterday. Maybe my immune system is regaining some of it's power. Maybe I'm in denial. Maybe I don't care. Today, I plan to read in the sunshine, write by the window, and walk the dogs again in the afternoon. In other words: look out, spring break! I'm feeling better and I'm ready to enjoy the hell out of you.