Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Snapshots

Spring Break, you were lovely. Despite kicking off the week with a wicked cold, I managed to heal myself just in time for some seriously good memories. I broke 10,000 words in my maybe-novel, went to the bar on weeknights, read for pleasure instead of school, and spent a lot of time with both friends and dogs. I also made a vow to use my camera more, as opposed to various apps on my iPhone, and have photographic evidence of my success.

On Saturday, Lucy hosted a backyard barbeque. I made vegan peanut butter oatmeal cookies and taunted Calvin with them before heading over to the party. (Don't worry. He got a treat shortly after this photo was taken.)

Everyone brought something grill-able and we ate in stages. The asparagus course was my favorite. Here our friend Chris uses his manly skills to fire up the grill. (This photo is actually a reenactment, as the grill has been fired prior to my arrival. Probably because I spent too much time taking glamor shots of my cookies in the backyard.)

Nathan and I, because we have so few photos of the two of us together.

Pretty Nicola and the aforementioned asparagus. Asparagus was on sale at the grocery store so we ended up with three of four bundles. I didn't complain. A person can never have too much asparagus!

I made Sally and Jade pose for this photo as well. I am a bossy photographer.

We grilled in the daylight then picked at leftovers by candlelight. Say what you want about Daylight Savings Time - I, for one, welcome our longer days.

On Sunday, Nathan and I met our friends Carson and Mel for a dog date at the park. They recently adopted a Golden-doodle puppy named Costello, who is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Proof: 

I die.

Don't worry. I still like Calvin best. (And Seamus, but he wouldn't pose for a good photo.)

After the dog park, we had lunch at the San Juan Cafe, which we have driven by countless times but never checked out. I'm sorry we waited so long - it was awesome. I had the Mofongo bowl, which involved roasted veggies, red beans and rice, and a bowl made from plantains and cornmeal. We will definitely be back.

After lunch, Nathan and I planned to ride our bikes downtown for the St. Patrick's Day festival. We stopped at Carson and Mel's on the way to see their garden and kind of never left. It was a gorgeous day and we may or may not have spent the majority of it in their backyard, helping them trim a tree while drinking an obscene amount of mimosas and, later, white wine. I think we also made a stir fry for dinner, and I'm pretty sure it was delicious. At the very least, I road my bicycle home around 10:00PM and was told by Nathan that we had a great day. Carson and Mel later confirmed this. I will take their collective word for it.

Sign at Wilmington Wine, where we replenished our supplies.

Until next year, Spring Break. I'm already looking forward to it.