Monday, March 26, 2012

Wonderful Wilmington Weekend

This weekend was filled with so many adventures! Beautiful weather, good friends, sports, homesteading activities, and relaxation abounded. Let me you show you some photos.

First up: Friday night's MFA Art Show and Reading at Costello's Piano Bar. This is a yearly tradition, and involves MFA students contributing their non-literary talents to an art show. This year, the art was displayed in a lovely little bar downtown, and it will hang there until May 1st. Best of all, the art is for sale! I contributed three pieces - photographs that I printed and placed in Target's finest frames. I'm definitely an amatuer photographer, but it was still cool to see my work hanging on the wall and to watch people look at it. No buyers yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.

The readings were, as usual, fantastic. I love any opportunity to hear my fellow MFA-ers share their work, and I am never disappointed. I also love the amount of readings we host each semester, and the diversity of them. The first years' reading, the Halloween reading, the out-of-genre reading, the surrealist reading (which I am looking forward to at the end of the semester) - they're all weirdly unique and endlessly entertaining. Our program is awesome.

On Saturday, I took part in some good, old-fashioned protesting, which I will write more about later. After, we located a brand new store we had heard about a few weeks ago - Wilmington Homebrew Supply. We haven't brewed beer since we moving to North Carolina and we've been meaning to get back into the habit. Now that we have an awesome store less than a mile from our house, stocked with knowledgeable employees and host to various events and demonstrations, getting motivated to brew will be much easier. We bought the ingredients for a batch of Irish Red Ale and brewed it on Sunday. We were a little out of practice and made a few mistakes as we went, but I think the beer will be okay. Fingers crossed!

In the past, we have brewed both from an extract (which is like a boxed cake mix) and from all grain (from scratch). This time we did a combination of extract and grain, which was a nice way to ease back into brewing. When we're really good, the all grain recipes will be more fun, because we can experiment more with the flavors. For now, I just want something that tastes good and gives me a decent buzz. In about four weeks, we will know if we were successful.

In addition to brewing, Sunday included some un-photographed fun, such as softball practice with the MFA intramural team, the Kenan Kondors, planning our spring garden, and a low key Mad Men viewing party. Not bad at all.

Things I did not do this weekend: read for pleasure, exercise, avoid hangovers, laundry. Things I regret: nothing.