Monday, April 09, 2012

A Garden Party

Yesterday, an MFA friend hosted a garden party in her backyard, to celebrate Easter and spring. Like any good lapsed-Catholic-turned-atheist, I don't usually celebrate Easter, but I will take any opportunity to wear a flowered dress and drink in the daytime. And as far as that went, mission: accomplished.

It was a perfect day for a garden party and we started the festivities at noon. Mimosas were poured, snacks were consumed, and we lounged in the sun on a blanket wearing our finest pastels.

Good looking writers.

At around 1pm, the main course was ready - our hosted had baked a ham and roasted potatoes. I brought quinoa, black bean and mango salad (recipe here) and my famous vegan carrot cake, and and there were a variety of deviled eggs, cupcakes, and delicious salad. I did not hold back, and had to roll myself away from the food table (and back to the mimosa table).

The spread.

Deviled eggs. So pretty.

My salad - perfect for a spring potluck!

After all that eating, I needed to move around. Enter: croquet! I lost, but I blame this on the fact that we didn't know the rules and played some weird hybrid of croquet and pool that is basically impossible to win. Johannes stepped forward during the second game, sharing actual knowledge of actual rules, but by then I was all croquetted out, and my shoulders were starting to burn in the sun. I retreated to the shadows for more roasted potatoes and mimosas.

Mallet. I think that's what they're called.

The only picture of me in my party dress. For shame.

All in all, it was a lovely day and a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate spring with my MFA friends. I hope you, too, found a good reason to drink in the daytime, whether or not you actually celebrated Easter.

And now, back to drinking coffee and getting shit done. Just a few weeks left of the semester (!!!) and I need to make them count.