Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hey, Hey,10K!

I finally registered for a race. First one since last May. It was time.

I'd had my eye on this race for a while. It benefits one of the farmers' markets in town, and considering how much I love local, healthy food, that was a cause I could get behind. I decided to register for the 10K - I've never raced a 10K before, and it seems like a nice compromise between a 5K (of which I have run plenty) and a half marathon (which I am definitely NOT in shape for). And, as we all know, new race distance = automatic PR. Hey, hey. 

I wrote a few weeks ago that I wasn't that into my runs lately, that running had been put on the back burner for things like yoga and kettlebell and spin class. The YMCA had made me (finally!) fall in love with cross training, and I was cross training like a mofo. But I started to miss running. While I love yoga and my various classes, they don't offer the same competitive thrill of running. Running satisfies that thing in me that loves measurable outcomes, statistics and numbers, setting personal records and then trying to beat them. I need a little bit of that back in my life, and a local 10K seems like the perfect way to get it. 

As for a training plan, I am combining the advice from the book Run Less, Run Faster, which advocates three runs a week (a tempo run, a speed workout, and a long, slow run) and two days of cross training. Except for me, two days of cross training is really three yoga classes and two days of strength training, mostly with my beloved kettlebells. As for goals, it would be nice to run 8:30 minute miles, which is a finishing time of 52:52, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't hit that. Anything under nine minute miles would make me happy. Anything above, and I'll probably still be happy. I'm a pretty happy person in general.

The race is at the end of this month - Saturday, April 28 - so I have just under a month to train. I know I can run the distance, so my goal will be to not cop out of the tempo runs and speedwork - especially since I'm only running three times a week. Hopefully having a goal and a training plan will hold me accountable and motivate me to push myself. Honestly, I'm excited. I'm not the fastest runner out there (not by far!), but I do love racing, and it feels good to know a starting line is in my future.