Thursday, May 03, 2012

Spring Cleaning and a Mini House Tour

I am *thisclose* to being done with everything for the semester. I have to hand in a revision by Monday (which is basically done) and I have some grading to do (but my students have until Friday at 11:59PM to send their work to me). I'm still looking for a summer job (hire me!) which means right now, I have nothing that needs to be done.

Let me repeat that, because I get to say it so rarely. I have nothing that needs to be done.

Which means, of course, that I have spent the whole morning deep cleaning the house, mostly because I finally have time, but also because Nathan's parents are coming to visit us next week. I swept, dusted, wiped down the baseboards, washed the curtains, scrubbed the stove top, straightened the porch, and put away the piles of books and magazines that swear I'm going to read one day. And I have to say - this old, dusty, crooked house cleans up all right. I even took photos, because I was so proud of my progress, and then realized I hadn't give y'all a house tour since we moved in. I hope this begins to make up for such a travesty.

The living room, and a peek at the porch. We got that couch from Ikea and the brown slipcover hides most dirt and dog hair (though I promise to remove it and wash it soon. Maybe tomorrow.) Amy and David gave us the coffee table (we threw it into our moving truck at the last second, while staying at their house) but we'd like to replace it with something smaller down the line. We scored the end tables from a second hand shop, and we've had those lamps for at least seven years. I still love them. And that's Seamus in the bottom right hand corner. He got a bath last week, so he's fine for now.

Welcome to the kitchen. I hate the linoleum - it's ripped and stained in places and just god awful ugly. It's extra annoying because right before we moved, we redid the kitchen floor in our apartment and it was gorgeous. C'est la vie. As for the rest of the kitchen, it's not so bad when it's clean. How often is it clean, you might ask? I'd rather not say.

Sometime during this history of this house, this weird extra room was added on to the kitchen. It's awkwardly large, has no hook up for overhead lighting, and the floor practically undulates. For a long time, this room was totally empty, but we've been slowly adding things to it, making it functional and - dare I say - a nice addition to our living space. The hutch came from The Eclectic, an awesome vintage store in Wilmington. The lantern is from Amazon. The curtains are the cheapest ones Target had, because we were hosting Thanksgiving and were in a rush. And Nathan made the table and benches himself. He plans to make a nicer table at some point, out of fancier wood, but this one is pretty awesome for now. I usually have a table cloth on it, but that's also being washed.

I really love our porch. Our house faces a busy road, so we're slowly walling in the front with (clean and empty) wine bottles. The porch also features lots of plants we inherited from a graduating third year in the program, and two comfortable chairs. I spend a lot of time out here reading and grading.

Oh hey, Calvin. Thanks for helping with all the cleaning today. Sleeping on the bed while I swept and washed and wiped and dusted really moved things along.

Bonus photo! Our garden has produced it's first tomato. It's still small and green, but I'm keeping an eye on it. I've got plans for that tomato. It starts with S and ends with ALAD. 

And that concludes the mini tour of our house! Thanks for visiting.