Monday, May 21, 2012

A Wedding in the Mountains


This weekend, Nathan and I traveled six hours west into the mountains of North Carolina, to celebrate the marriage of our friends Myra and Erik. Myra is a fellow first year MFA student (or fellow second year, I guess, considering we just finished year one - eek!) and Erik owns his own adventure travel company. They're both runners, both outdoorsy and super active, so we quickly became friends. Being guests at their wedding was simply the icing on the cake.

Exchange of vows. Cue the tears.

The wedding was held at a small resort in the mountains, next to a rushing river that the groom and some of his friends rafted earlier that morning. It was a gorgeous location, and suited Myra and Erik perfectly. 

Picture perfect view.

Nathan took this photo five times before I was satisfied.
Finally! A decent photo of us, together!

We didn't know anyone at the wedding but ended up seated with four other couples. One set was recently married, and another was planning a summer wedding, so we had plenty to talk about. They were all really nice and fun, and reminded me of the importance of seating charts, especially when they're done right. The reception included a sit down dinner and our name cards had colored stars to denote which dish we had requested. One green star was vegetarian; two green stars was vegan - or, as I joked about six times, SUPER VEGETARIAN. I think I'm really funny when I've been drinking wine.

Table 7. We had a lot of fun with our new friends.

First dance, to Crazy for You.

Open bar = dance party.

This is the first wedding that Nathan and I have been to since starting to plan our own, and every time something happened - the bride walked down the aisle, the wedding party was introduced, the speeches were made, the dancing ensued - we leaned toward one another and discussed what we would steal borrow for our own wedding. The next day, during the long, slightly hungover drive home, we did some more talking and decided that we should really start planning this thing for real, considering it's six months away and we wanted to get most of the work done this summer, before we're both back in school full time. Which is to say: expect more wedding posts soon - they help keep us motivated and hold ourselves accountable.

Thanks to Myra and Erik for leading by gorgeous example, throwing a damn good party, and letting us share in a day of love and joy. Here's to a long and beautiful marriage!