Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer is for Weekends

Hello, and happy Monday! It's already shaping up to be a busy week. I'm working extra hours at the wine store AND I started my second part time job this morning. I have workshop this evening, and groceries must be purchased at some point or else we'll starve. But before I get overwhelmed thinking about all the things that must be done, let's remember all the fun things that were done this weekend. It was a pretty great one.

I had Friday off and spent a good portion of the day fixing up our backyard. We spend most of our time in the very back section, which is outside of our fence, and which is where the gardens and chickens and bees and shed are located. The fenced-in section is actually bigger, and it's where the dogs play. It desperately needed to be mowed and cleared of dog poop, so that was my goal, which I completed. I know, I know - my life is so glamorous.

On Friday evening, we headed to a Wilmington Hammerheads soccer game. I got some tickets from my boss and it ended up being a really fun time. I'm not much for watching sports, with the exception of roller derby and, as it turns out, soccer. We drank beers, marveled at the amount of times the players hit the ball with their heads, cheered like crazy, and the home team won. A pretty great night.

On Saturday morning, I opened the wine store and worked a six hour shift. It was, as usual, pleasant and educational. I really like this job - I love learning about wine, the people are super nice, and the customers are a great mix of regulars and characters. I've also started to refine my palate, especially with the help of sample bottles and tastings. Progress!

Sunday was dedicated to yard work and homesteading pursuits. I cleaned and washed the chickens' feeder and water bubbler, and then took some glamor shots of them. That's Louise and Alice in the photo above. We suspect Louise might actually be a Lou, since she has a much larger comb than anyone else and has been exhibiting some aggression and dominant behavior. For now, however, I remain in denial.

Things are steadily growing in the garden! The jalapeno peppers are doing well, and our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red. They're also starting to get pecked at by birds, so I picked those two beauties above while they were still whole, and am letting them finish ripening on the window sill. Also, my heart belongs to summer ales.

And speaking of tomatoes, I also spent some time working on a different system for staking ours, since they outgrew the tiny cages we naively thought would suffice. More about that later this week, when it's finished.

We ended our weekend in the best possible way - at the beach! I love that we live close enough that spending two hours in the sun and sand is such an easy thing to do. No planning, minimal driving, a few good friends, and plenty of waves. A girl could get used to living on the coast.

So that was my weekend - some work, some play, some beach time. How about yours?