Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving Things Around

Over the weekend, we shuffled some furniture around. We haven't rearranged since we moved in nearly a year ago, and it was time to reevaluate our space. While our before and afters probably won't make you emit a Young House Love-esque gasp, we're pretty pleased with how our tweaking turned out. First up: our bedroom. Here's the before: 

Nothing too thrilling, and this was actually a pretty good set up, except for one thing - we couldn't close the bedroom door. The bedside tables were just a little too big, and the room is just a little too small. This wasn't a huge deal, but now that we've got some visitors scheduled to stay with us over the next few months, we figured some privacy would be nice. After busting out the measuring tape and sliding the bed around, we ended up with something that we can certainly live with. The after:

The bed is now opposite the door, which solves the privacy problem. We don't have a headboard, and I kind of like how the curtain in front of the window that we never open (it looks out on our cluttered carport - not exactly a great view) sort of anchors the furniture. We had to move the dresser into the guest room, which is a slight inconvenience, but we're on the lookout for a tall and narrow dresser that will actually fit in the room. We're also in desperate need of some big art to cover the one totally barren wall that stares at me while I'm trying to sleep.


After our room rearranging spree, we had to run some errands downtown, and on the way back we stopped by one of our favorite consignment stores, The Eclectic. And while we were browsing, we came across a coffee table with matching end tables, which jived perfectly with the mid-century vibe we've got going on. The set was listed for $199, but we talked them down to $160. Here's the before:

We got the end tables pictured above for a steal at another thrift shop, and we'll hold on to them for a while - we moved them into the attic for now. The coffee table was a freebie from our friends Amy and David, which we threw into our moving truck at the last minute, right as we were leaving town. It's a decent coffee table, but it was always a little too big for the space, and I never loved the glass top - the drawer collected all kind of junk, and it was annoying to see it all the time. Now, here's our living room with our new furniture:

The coffee table is much smaller and more narrow, which I love, and the end tables are taller and seem more clean and simple. Everything is in almost perfect shape, and we're pretty much in love with them.

Coffee table.

End table.

When we got to Wilmington, we had almost zero furniture - just one mattress, a chair with a chewed up arm, a free coffee table, and a dresser. While there have been moments over the last twelve months that I've longed to drive to Ikea and just get everything we need at once, I have to admit that it's been fun to piece together a home.  This is the first time in Nathan's and my life that we've actually had a say in our furniture, and thus in the look and feel of our home. (In the past, everything we had was free, found, or hand-me-downs.) It's been fun figuring out how to arrange things, what look we want our space to have, and how to best reflect the tastes and opinions of both of us. And while we've still got a long way to go, it's good to know that we're off to a good start.