Sunday, August 19, 2012

BHM Training: Week 3

(I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon and posting weekly training recaps each Sunday.) 

Morning run on Long Island.

This week was like last week, except flipped - I ran a lot of miles, but that was about it. Which is fine - I'm training for a half marathon, after all, so running should be my priority. I was happy to finally break 8 miles on my long run, despite a few thwarted attempts, and after a gorgeous run on Long Island, in 60 degree temps, I'm really, really REALLY looking forward to fall.

Monday: 3 mile run (Total time - 28:05) + 30 minute Kettlebell class
I did one of my favorite running drills this morning, which I picked up a few years ago from Dailymile (back when I used the website religiously, before I had to downsize my online life). The idea is to complete a short run, pacing yourself so each mile is faster than the last. This is a great way to practice negative splits, and to ease a reluctant body into a challenging workout. This morning, my miles were 10:01, 9:14, 8:47, which I felt good about.

I finished up my run at about 8:45AM, spent an hour sweating at my desk/catching up on work, and then it was time for kettlebell class. We focused on legs, which was unfortunate, considering the fact that I had just run. Oh, well.

Tuesday: Vinyasa Flow
Woke up with sore and tired legs, which I was very happy to stretch in yoga.

Wednesday: 4 mile run (Total time - 40:30)
I met my friend Mel at Greenfield Lake. The plan was to run the four mile loop around the lake twice, but at mile three we realized that wasn't going to happen - it was only 8:30AM, but it was already 85 degrees and humid, and we were struggling. We decided to stop after the first loop, and walk for another 20 minutes, until our nausea had passed. 

Thursday: 8 mile run (Total time - 1:24:06; Average pace - 10:31)
I knew this was my last chance to get a long run in, so I woke early and headed out. It was only 73 degrees when I started at 7:30AM, but the humidity was 83% (I like to torture myself by looking up the weather right before I run). Since this was my longest run since last November, I took it easy, focusing entirely on distance instead of speed. I was very glad when this run was over.

Friday: Rest Day 
A 7AM flight to New York is a good reason to take it easy.

Saturday: Rest Day
Spent time with my family, mostly eating.

Sunday: 3 mile run (Total time - 27:30; Average pace - 9:07) 
Today is my bridal shower (!) and I kicked the day off with a three miler through my parents' neighborhood. It was a cool 57 degrees when I set out (!!) which explains why this run was relatively fast, despite the fact that I felt like I was moving at an easy pace. It's amazing the difference 20 or 30 degrees can make.

Total miles: 18
Yoga: 1
Strength training: 1

Next week, I'll spent Monday driving back to NC with my youngest sister, who is in town until Wednesday evening, the same day the semester officially starts. It'll be a crazy week, but I'm looking forward to it, and to keeping up with my training as much as I can.