Sunday, August 26, 2012

BHM Training: Week 4

(I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon and posting weekly training recaps each Sunday.) 

I think this week is my new record for rest days - I only worked out three times this week, and I usually average five. Despite all my rest, I managed to log 18 miles, which pleases me. Now that school is back in session and my schedule is packed, fitting in my training will be a bit of a challenge, especially as I figure out how to balance everything. Writing/school/teaching comes first, of course, but I am a firm believer that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, so I'll continue to make the effort.

Monday: Rest Day 
15 hours in the car leaves no time for working out.

Tuesday: Rest Day
Recovering from 15 hours in the car + my sister was in town for a brief visit.

Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run (Total time: 37:43) + kettlebells 
This was the shortest tempo run ever, but it was still a challenge and a good way to get back into training after a long weekend away. The first and last miles were warm up and cool down, and the middle two miles were run at a slightly uncomfortable pace - 9:08 and 9:07, respectively. I followed my run with a 30 minute kettlebell class at the YMCA, which was really challenging - lots of shoulders and lunges. I'll be sore tomorrow!

Thursday: Rest Day 
First day of school! I was on campus from 7:15AM until 5:30PM. No time to workout. 

Friday: 5 mile run (Total time: 50:33; Average pace: 10:06) + Power Yoga
I wasn't feeling my run today, but it was actually kind of cool out, though still humid, and I felt like I had to take advantage of the tolerable weather. Ran an easy pace and enjoyed the light rain. Finished feeling great.

At noon, I went to Power Yoga at the YMCA. There was a substitute instructor, and she had some interesting ideas about yoga. It was an okay class, but not my favorite. That's all I'll say about that.

Saturday: Rest Day 
Kettlebell was canceled but honestly, I was planning to skip it anyway. I needed a morning to straighten the house, meal plan for the week, and clean out the fridge. Mission accomplished.

Sunday: 9 mile run!(Total time: 1:30:53; Average Pace: 10:06) 
Ran most of this run with Nathan, and it was only 66 degrees when we started, so the first half of this run felt fast and effortless. The second half, not so much, but by then I was so close to being done I was able to push through. I don't think I ate enough before the run, and I tripped and fell on the sidewalk at mile 7, but otherwise a solid run.

Total miles: 18
Yoga: 1
Strength: 1