Monday, September 24, 2012

BHM Training: Week 8

(I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon on November 4 and posting weekly training recaps each Sunday.) 

Consider me officially back in the swing of things. And not a moment too soon! This week's workout went much better than the last three weeks' worth. Here's why:

Image borrowed from Chariots of Ire.

Oh, yes. It feels good to be back in the double digit club. The rest of the week wasn't too shabby either! 

Monday - Yin Yoga (45 minutes) 
A new-to-me class at the YMCA, which a friend recommended. I went to the 12:30 class, but realized too late that should have gone to the 11:30 class, which is a little more physical and 90 minutes long. I was, however, still pretty sore from kettlebell on Saturday morning (still! I know!) so I was happy to focus on giving my muscles a proper stretch.

Tuesday - Rest day 

Wednesday - Speedwork: 4 x 800M, with 400M recovery (5 miles total) + strength (upper body)
One of my goals for the week was speedwork, so I got it out of the way as soon as I could. This was tough - Yasso 800's, as they are called, are really hard for me. I slowed down quite a bit on the last interval, but was happy with my first three. I think I'll do this once a week, adding another interval each time. I want to get faster, and that means putting in the work, no matter how much it hurts in the moment. Splits below - I included the actual time it took to complete each half mile, and what pace per mile that equals, because that's how my brain works.  

1 mile warm up: 9:30
800M splits: 3:51/7:43, 3:55/7:52, 3:52/7:45, 4:61/8:33
1 mile cool down: 9:48

Finished it off with an upper body workout, using free weighs in my guest room.

Thursday: Rest day 

Friday: 5 mile hill workout (48:25) + Power Yoga 
Since I'm only running three times a week, I'm trying to make those three times really count. Thus, an easy five mile run turned into a hilly workout when I ran three loops through an apartment complex with a short but steep incline. Since the hill wasn't very long, I tried to sprint up it, which left me breathless and tired - in a good way. Wilmington is very flat, so I have to take advantage of whatever hills I can find. 

Later in the afternoon I headed to the YMCA for Power Yoga - my first time back in a few weeks. 

Saturday: Rest day 
I rode my scooter to the YMCA, walked in, went to swipe my card... and saw a sign that kettlebell class was canceled. For a split-second I thought about hitting the weight room, but instead I turned around, walked out, got back on my scooter, and rode straight to the dog park, where Nathan was hanging out with the pups. This turned out to be a good decision, especially due to the next day's challenge...

Sunday: 10 mile run (Total time: 1:44:51. Average pace: 10:29) 
I kept waiting for this run to get easier, and it never did. Even though it was tough and a little slower than I would have liked, I'm proud of the fact that I never walked, kept a consistent pace, and RAN TEN MILES! I haven't hit double digits in nearly a year, and my recent attempts at long runs have been only so-so. I think it's been more of a mental block than a physical one - physically, I felt fine and recovery was nearly instant (after a tall glass of cold soy milk, of course). So now that I know I can run long again, actually doing it will be much easier. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

Total miles for the week: 20!
Yoga: 2 classes
Strength: 1 session with free weights