Friday, September 21, 2012

Goodbye Lou and Red Peppers

After two ads on Craigslist, a few well-placed pleas for help, and many dead ends, we finally found Lou the Roo a new home. As you may recall, we hatched our eggs back in May and ended up with three hens and one rooster. Because we live in a residential neighborhood where crowing is not appreciated, and because we have no need for a rooster (chickens will lay eggs whether or not they've been fertilized), and because Lou was mean - yes, he was just doing his job, but those pecks hurt! - we needed to get rid of him. Nathan wanted to kill Lou and eat him, but I couldn't let that happen. I had raised this chicken from an egg, and I wanted him to go to a good home. After a month of searching (and many stays of execution) I finally found him one. A few weeks ago we packed Lou into a large box, loaded him into the car, and drove him out to the country, where we handed him off to a young man who planned to mate Lou with his barred rock hens. 

Considering the alternatives, I'd say Lou lucked out. 

Meanwhile, the remaining girls seem much happier without Lou chasing them around the coop day and night. I started them on layer feed about two weeks ago, and as of October 10th they'll be officially old enough to lay eggs. Just a few more weeks - I can't wait! 

As for the rest of our little homestead - not much to report. School and wedding planning has meant that our garden has taken a back seat. We pulled up the summer plants a few weeks ago and added more soil and compost to the beds, but have yet to plant anything new. On the bright side, our pepper plants are finally starting to produce fruit, and one of them is even turning red! Considering we've been watering these peppers since April, I'm excited to finally get something out of them.

Next on the never-ending homestead to-do list: plant some seeds for fall crops, make pesto out of the last of the basil, keep checking the nest boxes for eggs, brew beer this weekend, and find a way to add more hours to the day. I'll let y'all know how it goes.