Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saratoga Weekend

I spent the past weekend in New York, again, for wedding-related activities, again. Except this time, I wasn't on Long Island and the bride wasn't me - I headed upstate for my friend Ella, who's getting married in February. Her bridal shower and bachelorette party were both on Saturday and, as I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding (my first time!) I did my duty, hoped on a plane, and headed north. I forgot my camera at home, so I only snapped just a few shots with my iPhone. I really need to start using my camera again.

Sugar flowers made by Ella.

Ella's bridal shower cake.

Ella is a really talented cake decorator (she did our friends Scott and Melanie's wedding cake two years ago, she made dessert for my shower, and she'd doing my and Nathan's wedding cupcakes in November). She wanted to make her own cake for the shower, but her mother thought this was a bad idea. They compromised and Ella bought a three-tiered cake and then went to town decorating it herself. It weight about 20 pounds in sugar alone, and it was gorgeous. It was also the first time a lot of her family members had seen one of her creations, so the DIY approach was awesome on a lot of levels.

Billie May, Ella and Phil's pup.

Downtown Saratoga

This was my first time in Saratoga, and it was pretty awesome. (Ella lives in Albany, and we stayed there on Friday night, then headed to Saratoga for the rest of the weekend's festivities). It's a sweet little town with a college and a horse race track, lots of little cafes and galleries, and a hoppin' bar scene. We experienced some of that bar scene after the shower (which was very nice with excellent food, lots of wine, and presents galore) when we headed downtown for the bachlorette party.

Calm down - these are just delicious Weenie Chews!

That above photo is all I have to say about the bachlorette party. 

It was a fun, fast weekend - I left Friday afternoon and got back at 11:30PM on Sunday night - and now, somehow, it's already Wednesday. I've spent the week catching up on school work (because two days of not doing any work was two days too many) and I'm almost there - I just need to get through tomorrow, and then I hope to have time to blog regularly again, to tell you about my half marathon training (still going strong - sort of...), wedding planning updates, and how my classes are going (the ones I'm taking and the ones I'm teaching). Just one more day...

Hope you're all keeping your heads above water. I hope to join you soon!