Sunday, October 14, 2012

BHM Training: Week 10

I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon on 11.04.12 and posting weekly training updates along the way. Also, I wrote this last week and meant to publish it then, but must have hit "Save Draft" instead. Whoops. Week 11 coming tomorrow!

Despite lower-than-ideal mileage (I moved my Sunday run to Monday, so the numbers are off) this was a pretty good week. I had a solid long run, I'm deep into the yoga groove, and I used a heavier kettlebell for most of the class. This was all on top of the hardest week of school ever, so I'm extra proud that I was able to (mostly) stick with my training. Less than a month until the Battleship!

Monday: Yoga
It was the instructor's birthday, which was nice. This class is usually a little slower, with more time spent in the poses, but we moved a little quicker today - more of a flow practice. I'm really glad I found this class, because starting my week with yoga is so nice. 

Tuesday: Rest day 
Busiest. Day. Ever. 

Wednesday: 11 mile run (Total time: 1:57:57; Average pace: 10:44) 
I started this run in the rain, and I'm not talking about a light drizzle. I was soaked within seconds, but knew this was my one chance to get a long run in, so I decided to just deal with it. Luckily, it stopped raining by mile 4, but much of the damage was already done - wet shoes, new blisters, and some crazy chafing on my chest where my wet sports bra had rubbed me raw. (There's a reason why Body Glide is my best friend.) I kept the pace slow and comfortable and finished strong, but as soon as I stopped running my body rebelled and I hobbled home. Recovery was pretty fast, though, and by the time I left for work a few hours later I felt fine. Tired, but fine.

Thursday: Rest day
Second. Busiest. Day. Ever. 

Friday: 4 mile progressive + Power Yoga
First up: a fun spin around the neighborhood. I ran a progressive, each mile slightly faster than the last, and my splits were thus: 10:02, 9:19, 9:10, 8:47. Next up: Power Yoga, which is a fast moving, sweat-inducing, soul-satisfying practice. Yum. 

Saturday: Kettlebell + Core and Kayaking
I managed to swing an 8KG kettlebell for most of the moves, which made me feel like a bad ass. In the afternoon we went kayaking, which didn't do my sore back and arms any favors. Needless to say, I woke up on Sunday morning and the simple act of breathing made my poor muscles cry out in pain.

Sunday: Rest day
I planned to run, but due to soreness (see Saturday) a leisurely morning before I left for work at 11AM sounded much nicer. I made up the run on Monday, but I'll have to tell y'all about that next week. ;)

Total Miles: 15
Yoga: 2
Strength: 1 

Goals for this week: Successfully complete a 12 mile run; stick with yoga; eat more fruit (I've been slacking/rebelling, since summer fruits are my favorite and I'm not ready for an autumn palate).