Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Things

Friday doesn't mean much these days. I don't have a traditional weekend, because I work at the wine shop on Sunday afternoons, and because the school work never actually ends. On the other hand, I do my best to make Saturday a non-work day - and by "non-work" I mean "away from my desk, doing all the things I normally don't have time for, like hanging out in the garden, cleaning the house, running errands, and spending time with my fiancé." (I'm still not used to that word, which is fine, since I'll have to get used to saying "husband" in just three weeks. Now THAT is weird.)

At any rate, Friday does mean that I survived yet another week of grad school, and that's something to celebrate. Therefore, I present to you: some good things that happened this week.

Double pour!

Last weekend, Nathan and I bartended the wedding of our friends, who just so happened to get hitched at the same venue we're using in November. (They actually told us about the venue, so we're eternally grateful to them.) We had a great time at the wedding, thoroughly enjoyed pouring drinks and making small talk with the guests, danced to good music, ate good food, had a little wine ourselves (drinking on the job was permitted), and cried at the beautiful ceremony (or maybe that was just me). It was awesome to see the venue in action, and we took many notes (mental and drunkenly scrawled on scraps of paper) of things we need to remember and do for our own celebration. Now if only we could find those scraps of paper...

I don't want to jinx it, but I finally sort of, maybe, possibly, feel on top of my school work and writing. Last week I handed in the first two chapters of my novel for workshop, so on Monday I get to hear if my idea is actually any good. Fingers crossed. 

Calvin has a new adorable/annoying habit, in which each night, at around 3AM, he climbs into our bed, crawls over Seamus, and nestles himself into the too-small between me and Nathan. He then drapes his head over me and sighs peacefully, while the rest of us are forced to rearrange ourselves to accommodate him. He's lucky he's so cute. 

As I'd like to preserve that feeling of being sort of on top of things, I'm off to walk the dogs in the rain, put away a massive pile of clean laundry, and get some work done before heading to the wine store. Happy Friday, and here's to a great weekend.