Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Month To Go!

Our wedding is exactly one month away!

Our current to-do list. Gulp.

Originally, I wanted to write a weekly wedding post, discussing our progress in the planning department, but that obviously fell by the wayside as soon as the semester kicked in. Luckily, we got most of the big stuff squared away over the summer, so now we're down to the details. Which are still important, but let's keep things in perspective - forgoing the cake topper is far less cataclysmic than forgetting the catering. No matter what, people will eat, drink, and watch us get married. I keep telling myself that details will fall into place, or they won't. With just four weeks to go and busy schedules to boot, I'm trying to keep the pressure minimal. (Who is applying all this pressure? Me, of course. Consider this an exercise in chilling the eff out.)

As for things we've accomplished: 
  • Wedding attire. The bridesmaids have their dresses, the dudes have orders to get fitted by late October, and my (stupidly expensive) alterations (damn that bustle!) will be done October 19th. As for accessories, I snagged some pretty earrings on Etsy and a pair of flats online. I'm a minimalist/lazy. 
  • Catering. After much deliberation, we finally decided to go with a mostly vegetarian wedding. The only non-veg option will be a grilled fish dish at the buffet. While Nathan and I are both vegetarians, and while vegetarianism is an important part of who we are and what we believe, at the end of the day my parents are footing the bill for the food, and having a meat option will make them feel more comfortable. While this is a compromise, I'm glad that they were happy with fish, and didn't insist on steak or chicken. (Sorry, fish, but it's true - I care more for fur and feathers than fins. Bad vegetarian.)
  • Booze. I got a great deal on wine from the shop where I work, and we're going to order two kegs of beer. Our friends M & M will be bartending our wedding, and in exchange we'll be bartending theirs this weekend.
  • Gifts. Bridesmaids' gifts and groomsmen gifts have been purchased. Gifts for our parents are almost done. I want to put together some kind of welcome bag for out of town guests, but am waiting to pay off things like the photographer and the party bus first. 
  • Party bus. Our guests will be staying in Wilmington, but the venue is actually a 30-40 minute drive outside of town. Rather than ask people to drive thirty miles in the dark, after drinking and dancing and celebrating with us, we're renting a bus to take people from the hotel to the venue and back again. The bus took a nice chunk out of our budget, but we felt it was a worthy cause.
  • Favors. We're giving out 22 ounce bottles of homebrewed beer. We need to bottle our current batch and brew one more, and we need to make or order labels for the bottles. 
  • Rings. We have them! I am waiting to blog about them until I have mine, and I got a call today that it's finally ready. Post coming soon. 
Things we still need to do:
  • Ceremony. We need to go over the draft our officiant sent us, and write our vows. We need to finish and print our programs. We need some kind of decor for the outside area where we'll be wed. We need to get a marriage license. 
  • Music. Our friends are DJing the wedding, but we still need to look into renting speakers and whatever other things are need to make music sound good. (Clearly, this is Nathan's task.) 
  • Dinner. We need to assemble our centerpieces (which will be easy enough - we're going the DIY route, and they will be simple, easy, and cheap).  We also need to finish a seating chart (I started a draft), make escort cards (which will be part two of the wedding favors), rent linens for the tables, and make table numbers. 
  • Decor. The Train Depot is fairly nice as is - high ceilings, chandeliers, hardwood floors. We don't need to do too much to dress it up for the reception, but the outdoor deck, where the ceremony will take place, will probably need something. What will it need? I don't know, but I hope to figure it out in the next month. 
  • Little things. Cake topper, though this is a low priority. Guest book (another easy DIY - more details later).  Signage, so guests know where to go and what to do. (Drink! Dance! That about covers it.)
  • Flowers. I plan to DIY these as well. You can order bulk flowers from Sam's Club for really cheap, so I'll probably go that route. I was planning to make some simple bouquets, and I'm still toying with that idea, but I'm also starting to get intimidated by the task. We'll see what happens.
  • Fun surprises. We have a few little things up our sleeve, which I'll reveal post-wedding. I don't want to spoil all the surprises!
This post was a lot longer than I anticipated, which is both good (look at all we've accomplished!) and bad (look at all we still have to do!).  Still, as I said earlier, the to-do list is manageable, most things are in progress or at least have a vague plan attached to them, and we still have four weeks to go. The big items are taken care of, and the most important thing - a person I love and respect, who I can't wait to make my legally wedded partner (and vice versa, I'm told) has been squared away for nearly a decade. Obviously, we're doing something right. All we have to do now is continue on this path, and everything will be wonderful. 

One month to go!