Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday's Thanksgiving was a lovely, delicious, low-key affair. Exactly what I needed two weeks post-wedding, and at the end of a tough semester. We started the day at the dog park with coffee, then moved on to mixing mimosas and chopping vegetables. Nathan and I rarely have a day off together, so it was nice to listen to a podcast and work side by side in the kitchen. Once everything was on its way to culinary perfection, Nathan built a little fire pit in the backyard from some bricks we had laying around, and I spent the next few hours going back and forth from the kitchen to the fire, enjoying the beautiful weather, sipping my drink, and letting waves of gratitude wash over me.

Yesterday on Facebook, the little box where you type your brilliant and witty status updates said "What are you thankful for?" instead of "What's on your mind?" I obliged and posted the following: 
Thankful for so much this year. A job that challenges and inspires me; a supportive MFA community full of fast friends and damn good writing; family and loved ones who will instantly rally for both celebrations and tragedies; a husband (!) who is a true partner in every aspect of our lives; fat, happy animals (dogs and chickens, mostly); a table full of delicious vegetarian food; too much wine; and the knowledge that I am equal parts lucky and grateful for all we have.
Yup. That pretty much sums it up. 

Two friends joined us for our feast, and what a feast it was. I always make too much food on Thanksgiving, which means we'll have Thanksgiving dinner at least three more times. I am 100% okay with that. This year, I made two Tofurkys, roasted Brussels sprouts and baby carrots, stuffing, (never)homemaker's pumpkin garlic knots (so good!), mashed potatoes, Southwestern Corn Casserole (from Veganomicon) mushroom gravy, and, for dessert, Isa's Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Pie. All vegan. All delicious. Our guests also pitched in hummus and crackers and an out of this world apple pie. I'm drooling just thinking about it. 

I'd like to lay around, snacking on cold Tofurky and catching up on Glee, but alas. It's Black Friday and I work in retail. To the wine shop I go - but not before snagging another forkful of pie. Gotta fuel up for the crowds, after all. I hope you also had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), full of food, friendship, and love.