Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Recovery

Photo by Susan Hennessey

Our wedding was four days ago, and I'm still having trouble finding a way to express everything that happened this weekend - the thrill of seeing friends and family flock to Wilmington, the stress of last minute preparations, the wonderful way everyone pitched in and helped us execute a nearly perfect, and perfectly meaningful, ceremony, reception, and epic dance party. Now that everyone is home (after a million canceled flights, flat tires, and endless drives - sorry, friends!) photos are starting to pop up on Facebook and each time I look at them, I see a sweet moment I missed, or a hysterical moment I forgot, and I'm reminded again how lucky and loved we are. 

As for recapping the wedding (for me, as well as for my dear readers - I like documenting things here, and I want to record as much of our wedding weekend as I can) I think I'll break it down into sections (pre-wedding, ceremony, reception, aftermath) and give each event it's own post. I won't get them all written at once - I still have to make it to the end of the semester, and I don't want to inundate the blog with an onslaught of wedding posts - but expect them to pop up here and there over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I'll write something that's has nothing to do with the wedding. For now here are a few of my favorite photos stolen from Facebook.

Wedding party from someone's iPhone.

My parents walked me down the aisle. Photo by Eric Tran.

First dance, by Kelli Patterson.

Flowers in our centerpieces. Photo by Kelli Patterson.

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