Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 In Photos

This idea comes from the Running Historian and Life, Love, and Food, who are recapping 2012 via their favorite photos from each month. It seemed like a fun and easy way to look back over the last twelve months, so I decided to join in. I also decided to take on the added challenge of only choosing photos I took with my actual camera, and not my iPhone. Goal for 2013: more camera time, less phone time. 

January: We started (and finished!) our raised garden beds, which served us well over the next few months. I loved taking on a big project with Nathan, especially since we had spent a lot of time daydreaming about our future garden. The future is now, y'all! 

February: Nathan turned 31 and we spent the day acting like tourists in downtown Wilmington. We road our bikes down the Riverwalk, ate vegan hot dogs at the Trolley Stop, and had coffee while people-watching. It was a low key and relaxing celebration. 

March: This photo is from a great and totally unplanned day, when we ended up hanging out with our friends Carson and Mel and getting all-day drunk for about ten hours straight. This sign was in the wine store, which we visited more than once for supplies. While the day after was tough, the memories were worth it. 

April: After the previous October's Beekeeping 101 course and months of waiting, we finally got our bees! We started to feel like real homesteaders - a feeling which quickly faded as we realized that beekeeping is a lot harder (and more painful - those stingers!) than it looks. 

May: Nathan's mother brought us eggs and we hatched our chickens. The spring was an exciting time for our homesteading pursuits, as is only natural. I can't wait to see what this spring will yield! 

June: Summer was in full swing and we spent many, many days at the beach with good friends and cheap beers. It was the best way to wile away the long, hot days, and I loved every second of it. 

July: We finally got our wedding invitations designed and assembled! A huge item on our wedding-to-do list, and a huge relief to finally cross it off. Plus we loved the way they came out - thanks again, Elma

August: I turned the big 3-0 and had an amazing day in Myrtle Beach with Nathan. I love my birthday, and each year it gets better and better.  

September: I also love the Pooch Plunge! This was our second year attending and it will always be my September highlight (at least for photos). 

October: Our little chicks grew up so fast, and in October they finally started laying their first eggs. Right now, we're averaging about eight eggs a week between the three of them - I expect they'll lay more when the days are longer and warmer. So far, so delicious! 

November: Probably the most photographed month of my life, as we got married on the 10th. But since I didn't actually take any of those photos, I will choose this one from a quiet night of wine and board games at Erica's house. It was much needed - and much appreciated - after the madness of the last few weeks. 

December: Considering we're still in it, I barely finished my grading on time, and I went straight from a grueling semester to a full time holiday schedule at the wine shop, I probably won't have time to take another photo until the New Year. December, forgive me. I'll do better next year. 

That's my year in favorite photos! Are you doing a similar retrospective? If so, link it up in the comments! Next up: my favorite end-of-the-year survey and my goals for 2013. I hope you're as excited as I am. (Seriously. I'm pretty excited.) 

Until then! Oh, and cheers to the world not ending today. Not that I was actually worried, but you never know.