Monday, January 07, 2013

Seaside Shuffle 5K + Weekend Things

It was a busy weekend here at the Henneward's, which is probably a good thing - Nathan and I both start school again this week, and we needed to get used to being productive again. Here's some of the things we accomplished, in no particular order. (And sorry in advance that these are all Instagram photos - I lost my camera this weekend, but found it again. Next week will be better!)

Fancy new chicken coop.

The first coat of paint.

Progress on the new chicken coop! We love our original coop, but we want to add to our flock (chickens, it turns out, are a bit addictive) and we're already at max capacity. So: a new and improved coop it is! We've been making slow progress, mostly because it's been raining so much, but this weekend saw some major steps toward the finish line. There's something about putting on a coat of paint that makes the walls feel more solid - even if the wall you're painting is the only one that is currently complete. Once it's all finished and done, Nathan has promised a guest post about how we built it. I plan to hold him to this.

This is the only photo I took at the race. I am a bad blogger.

The Seaside Shuffle 5K race! My kettlebell instructor mentioned this race in class last week, and I looked it up when I got home. It was right by the beach, and it was only $10 for students, which is the lowest race fee I've ever seen. So Nathan and I signed up on the spot and yesterday, we ran. 

I hadn't run a 5K since April 2011 but my strategy remains the same - run as fast as I can without puking. There is no actual pacing, no holding back in the first half of the race - I just give it my all from start to finish. There are probably better ways to race a 5K, but I don't want to know them. 

This race started at 1pm, which was strange, and even before we reached the starting line, I was already sore from going to kettlebell the day before, and to Power Yoga the day before that. I'd been running, but not very much, and not anything that could be counted as speedwork. On the bright side, the weather was prefect (cloudy and cool) and it was a very flat, out-and-back course. 

I have no pictures of the actual race and not much happened during it, except that I ran fast (for me) and was able to maintain a fairly consistent pace. According to my Garmin, my splits were 7:55, 8:04, and 8:05, and according to the official results, I finished in 25:02 - a new personal record by six seconds! I am pleased with a new PR (which I didn't expect to get) but MAN. I have been trying to break 25 minutes for so long and I keep coming so close. That will be my goal for next time - I really liked this race, and am already looking forward to running it next year.

Breakfast of champions. 

And let's not forget! In addition to being productive and running really fast, we also had time to enjoy a Mad Men marathon (we're watching season five on DVD, which is awesome, because we can watch four episodes in a row while drinking two bottles of wine and eating a giant bowl of popcorn covered in nutritional yeast); a belated New Year's party full of friends and food (especially necessary after a tough 5K race); and a mostly clean house (which probably won't happen again until May, when we get another scholastic break). 

As for the rest of the week: the semester starts on Wednesday so I have to finish my syllabus and take care of a few last minute things. I'm excited for all my classes and am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I've also decided that this would be a good week to post the rest of my wedding recaps - I had time over break to go through the photos and sort them into posts, and I will not tell you how long that took me, but suffice to say the recaps (yes, there are four or five of them - you only get married once!) are ready and waiting to go. If you're not a fan of weddings, you might want to avoid this blog for the rest of the week. As for the rest of you: I'm looking forward to finally sharing all the little details, starting tomorrow. See you then.