Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding: The Dance Party

I'm taking this week to finally post the rest of my wedding recaps. So far I've written about the ceremony and reception; now it's time to dance! 

In the list of things we were most looking forward to on our wedding day, getting married was obviously number one. Number two? A dance party to end all dance parties. To accomplish this lofty goal, we asked our friends Vicki and Jeromy to serve as DJ and emcee. Vicki spent weeks before the wedding crafting perfect playlists for the cocktail hour (upbeat indie rock), dinner (light, funky jazz), and the dance party (just you wait). Jeromy announced and introduced things and people as needed, mostly at the last minute, always with his signature charm and humor. Together, they were a rocking team that kept the party going... and going... and going. 

Nathan and I kicked things off with the traditional first dance. While we like music, most of what we listen to is not first dance appropriate (noise rock and riot grrl do not a romantic moment make) so we chose "All the Way" by Frank Sinatra. It was classic, it was sweet, it was slow. It would do.

Literally laughing at how bad we are at dancing.

Quick, if we kiss, they won't notice our dance moves!

Directly following our sweet moment, Vicki put on the dance party mix. We started the night with some familiar oldies, devolving into 80's rock and Beyonce, and ending with loud and proud party music. My favorite song of the night was definitely "Gangnam Style," if that helps form a picture in your mind. Then again, the photos mostly speak for themselves. 

Groomsmen get down.

Mary and Baby Toddler A cutting a rug.


Photo op.

Interpretative banister. There is a whole series of this dance move.

Amy and Vicki.

MFA friends sing-a-long.

Pretty sure this was "Hey Yeah."

Time for a slow dance!

Our officiant. Natch.

This is how they dance in Albania. 

Ladies grooving.

My mom and Briana tango! 

When David dances, he means it.

Nathan is part Russian, apparently. 

Ella steals the spotlight.

Seriously. Her dance moves are legendary. 

"All the Single Ladies."  Irony!

"Gangnam Style." Now you see why this was my favorite?

Jeromy is amazing, as usual. 

Married, but still cool. I hope. 

More "Gangnam Style." Thanks to Nicola for requesting it! 

We all took turns dancing across the circle. 

The woman behind the playlist. Best DJ ever!

You didn't know Nathan could do the worm? 

How could I not marry this man?

Down and dirty in a wedding dress. 

I think Bryan speaks for all of us here. 

When we were pricing photographers, I considered sending them home at the beginning of the dance party, reasoning that we didn't need a hundred photos of our drunk, dancing friends. I am SO glad that I was convinced otherwise - these are easily my favorite photos of the night. I think they perfectly capture the personalities of our friends and the joy of the evening. It's true - there's no better dance party than a wedding dance party. I'm pretty sure Einstein said that. 

Extra special thanks to Vicki and Jeromy for making the music a success (and looking so good on the dance floor while doing it!).

All of the photos in this post were taken by Johnny Wells Photography, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I highly recommend his services! 

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