Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Top Three

Top Three Two Photos From My Instagram (If I Do Say So Myself) 

Azaleas blooming in our backyard.

A sheep my in-laws named Chrissy, because of her dreadlocks. ;)

Top Three Good Things of the Week 

+ It's Easter Break! All this really means for me is that I did not have to teach yesterday. A small thing, but it's made a world of difference. I managed to get a lot of work done and I feel like maybe, just maybe, I'm going to make it to the end of the semester after all. Four more weeks! 

+ March in North Carolina has been cold and wet, which is especially insulting after our mild winter. Even though we have our little space heater, I'm tired of being cold all the time. Luckily April is right around the corner, and the ten day forecast (which I check more than I should admit) hints at better weather next week. Thank goodness. 

+ While finances remain tight, two good things have happened to our bank account. The first is that I got one of four paid positions for UNCW's first Summer Writers Conference in June. Three days of helping out with an awesome conference, in exchange for a paycheck? Huzzah! The second is that Nathan got a part time job as a - wait for it - volleyball referee. There's a club here that had tournament games, and he likes volleyball, plus he used to ref roller derby, and - actually, no. There's no way this makes any sense, but whatever. It's easy, the hours are flexible, and he likes it. 

Top Three Things I Have Recently Read 

This article in the Guardian by one of my favorite feminists is pretty great. It's basically an unapologetic slew of reasons why women shouldn't change their names when they get married. While I think everyone should do what they feel is best for themselves, I was still surprised that, according to the article, 90% of American women change their name upon marriage. Five-ish months into my own marriage, I am happy and confident with the decision to keep my name (for many of the reasons mentioned in the article), and so far, I haven't experienced much backlash.

+ Are you overwhelmed? This NPR article tries to figure out why. My favorite part: "The bottom line seems to be that we know too much, understand too little and we are way too scared of what we might be missing."

+ This one is a tie! First up, this post about finding a job in academia on Simply Bike (read the comments, too - so interesting and depressing/encouraging). I plan to post a response of sorts in the next few weeks, once I've had more time to think things through. And right behind it, this writing contest that Treehouse magazine is hosting. The winner will get a slew of awesome gifts, including books, subscriptions to literary magazines, and t-shirts. As they so eloquently put it: "[We] have assembled possibly the greatest literary grab bag since Flannery O’Connor stuffed a live peacock in a grocery sack with some early drafts of her stories and mailed it to Eudora Welty." Deadline is April 30, so you have plenty of time to polish your pieces and enter.